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2022 City of Melbourne e-scooter trial

Footpaths Not Suitable For E-Scooters

With the NSW e-scooter trials well under way, Patrick Hatch’s article in The Age concerning a pedestrian injured by a rider on a rental e-scooter in Melbourne, raises important issues regarding rights, responsibilities and the allocation of space on public roads. Julia Miller was walking on a footpath when she was struck by a person

Cato Group and NSWPF

Dodgy Driver Dismissal

A driver who decided to threaten bicycle riders on a cycleway in Sydney’s Inner West fell afoul of the law and his own employer- not bad work for a Friday afternoon. Photo: Incident Recorded on Cyclist’s Helmet Camera As a bicycle rider, all of you would have experienced the close pass. That casual decision by

30 Kilometres Per Hour Works

30 Kilometres Per Hour Works

Evidence is mounting in favour of lowering speed limits to 30 km/h in urban areas to make Aussie streets safer and happier places for children and adults to live and socialise. Everyone benefits when they can take a walk or ride in their neighbourhood. We, also all benefit from healthier, less stressful and more active

Bloody Bollards

Bloody Bollards!

Bollards…… many of you may be reluctant to read about these boring obstructions, we are even less inclined to write about them. But as a bicycle rider you may be painfully acquainted with them. At Bicycle NSW, we get a lot of calls from riders who have collided with bollards, or who have witnessed serious

Another call to double down on cycleway investment!

Another Call to Double Down On Cycleway Investment!

Bicycle NSW attended the launch of the 2022 Sustainable Cities Index hosted by the Committee for Sydney. Global consultancy Arcadis has been assembling the index since 2015. It ranks 100 global cities on 51 metrics across 3 categories – people, planet and profit. 3 Australian cities were on the list.  All have slipped since the

Rozelle Interchange Project

Next Steps For Rozelle

As the long-suffering residents of the Inner west are extremely aware, construction is well underway on the massive Rozelle Interchange project. The (mostly!) underground motorway junction will connect the M4-M5 Link tunnel with the Anzac Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge and the future Western Harbour Tunnel, bypassing the City West Link and Victoria Road. The construction


Sydney’s fast-growing bike network

Construction teams are very busy rolling out new protected cycleways in the centre of Sydney!  Work is underway to make the Pitt Street pop-up lane permanent and the cycleway on King Street between Pitt Street and Phillip Street is racing ahead. The reinstatement of the College Street cycleway will start within weeks and the Oxford

Inadequate Sentence of Driver

MEDIA RELEASE FROM BICYCLE NSW Inadequate sentence of driver following the deaths of two cyclists in 2019. The Bicycle NSW Board was disappointed to learn that a driver has been sentenced to only a 240 hour community service sentence after killing two cyclists in a vehicle collision in late 2019. On 19th December 2019, minutes

Two bicycle riders cycling in Orange city centre

Road Rules Awareness Week 2022

Driving is a necessary part of many people’s lives, but the road rules may often seem perplexing. Sometimes rules are forgotten after drivers receive their licences and experienced drivers may also be unaware of new rule and legislation changes. From Monday, March 21 through Sunday, March 27, Transport for NSW Road Rules Awareness Week will promote

Australian school girl preparing to ride to school

ASPA’s Three Transport Priorities

The Australasian Society for Physical Activity (ASPA) has recently unveiled a new campaign to make transport in general safer and active transport more viable around Australia. Partnering with We Ride Australia and other organisations, The Three Transport Priorities is aimed at the upcoming Federal Election. The three priorities (explained below) are also designed to boost