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A Focus on Local Riding

Bicycle NSW’s newest team member, Sarah Bickford, is helping improve cycling through local government submissions. Most of the roads, parks and paths you need to travel on in NSW are controlled by local government.  Until recently our team lacked the resources to respond to the many plans and proposals put forward at this level, reducing

More Problems and Fewer Resources for Councils

Most of the roads in NSW are controlled by Councils, but plans to accelerate development, whilst reducing their budgets, and pushing greater responsibility for road safety onto them, are bad news for bike riders. Council Resources  Many NSW Councils have lots of roads to maintain, demands to increase active transport infrastructure, and modest budgets to

Great News for the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains Cycle Safety Forum has been hard at work, and thanks to this BUG, bike riders can look forward to a better ride. Fixing the Great Western Highway for riders Bicycle NSW lent a hand, and the Blue Mountains Cycle Safety Forum (BMCSF) campaign has led to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) securing $2M

Making Gladesville Bridge Accessible For Riders

Hunters Hill Council have released the final report for their bike plan outlining some of the issues riders face in their area, including access to the Gladesville Bridge. Access Issue To The Gladesville Bridge  Currently the junction between Victoria Road and Burns Bay Road that leads to the Gladesville Bridge is indirect and confusing. It

Solving Cycling Safety Issues

The NSW Government knows how to solve cycling safety issues and get more people riding, now it’s time for the back-pedalling to stop. Promises Aren’t The Same As A Final Product Bicycle NSW regularly shares announcements of funding, new infrastructure, and new government policy, anticipating positive change for riders in NSW.  Unfortunately announcing pop-up cycleways

Making Parramatta Park More Bike Friendly

New upgrades to Parramatta Park will see the majority of vehicles removed from within the Park’s core in order to provide more space for people to safely walk and cycle, and reduce conflict between different modes of transport. Proposed Upgrade The proposed upgrade, called the “People’s Loop” will remove cars from much of the existing

Joint Taskforce: Food Delivery Rider Safety

The report has been handed down on food delivery rider safety, but we could ride a fleet of cargo bikes through the gaps. Campaigning For A Better Environment For more than eighteen months Bicycle NSW has pushed for improvements to food delivery rider safety.  This is because these bike based workers ride in the locations

Mass Increase In Bike Riders During COVID-19

New data shows that bike riding across NSW thrived throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Last year, during COVID-19 restrictions, when gyms closed and team sports stopped, many people (re)discovered bike riding. Riders of all kinds jumped on their bikes to explore their local area and also enjoy cycling tours across the state. City of Sydney  The

A Tale of Two Sydneys

On the same day the work of two Councils on safe cycling couldn’t have been more different. On Monday afternoon Bicycle NSW attended two very different meetings. North Sydney  At the first, residents and the Mayor of North Sydney Council spoke against plans for a cycleway ramp to enable more inclusive access for riders trying

Tamworth’s Growing Active Transport Network

Tamworth Regional Council is planning to double their active transport trips by 2031. About Tamworth  The number of daily vehicle trips within Tamworth is expected to rise by 70 per cent over the next decade, due to increasing population and tourism.  Current predictions are that over the next decade, the population will increase to 100,000