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Bikes on Trains

 NSW TrainLink has been the ‘flat tyre’ for bike riders trying to travel around NSW for years now.  Current Issues With Bikes On Trains Currently riders are required to disassemble their bike in order to load them in boxes for transport. Many bikes don’t even fit in the boxes including cargo, tandem, etc.  The bike

We Need Safer Roads: Speak Up Now

It’s time to speak up in order to make our road environment safer! The 2026 Road Safety Action Plan is currently open for feedback and we need you to share how the road environment can be improved to make it safer for you.  We really need your feedback to ensure our roads do not remain

Construction Started For Fernleigh Awabakal Shared Track

Adamstown and Murrays Beach, in the central coast, will soon be connected via a 27km shared path, thanks to the work of Lake Macquarie Council. About The Project  The council has started construction of the 1.6km of a 3m-wide shared pathway from Awabakal Avenue at Blacksmiths to Hilda Street at Belmont South. This crucial connection

Speak Up For Safer Roads

The NSW Government is preparing a new road safety strategy, and we want to ensure your needs are included. Total Road Fatality  The 2012-2021 Road Safety Plan for NSW set a “..State Priority Target to reduce road fatalities by 30% by 2021 (from 2008–10 levels).”  So how did it perform? The total average fatality rate

Transport for NSW Bike Rider Resources

Transport for NSW has shared a range of new resources and policies which, if followed, will make NSW better for all bicycle riders. Ensuring People Comply We understand if another announcement of policies and plans inspires more cynicism than trust.  But we think they can be made to work for you. In our submissions and

Budget Questions For Bike Riders 2020-21

Bike riders want to know where funding will be allocated to make their journeys better. Budget Estimates On Thursday, 25 February hundreds of detailed questions were asked during Budget Estimates, and provided on notice, covering many of the issues that are important to you.  It’s not every day we’d recommend reading the transcript from NSW

Lake Macquarie To Double Their Cycling Infrastructure

Lake Macquarie Council have released their draft Walking, Cycling and Better Streets Strategy which outlines their process to achieve safer and more convenient streets for all road users. Current Bike Network Currently the council has 105km of traffic separate cycling infrastructure and seeks to increase this to 254km as part of their Principle Bike Network

Beaches Link & Gore Hill Freeway EiS Submission

Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW better for bike riders and the community. Not Just Making Things Safer For Bike Riders We don’t just make demands on behalf of bike riders, because this hasn’t worked previously to achieve change.  In preparing

Feeding Change For Bike Riders

Bicycle NSW has advocated openly, and behind the scenes, for safety improvements for food delivery riders. Their issues reflect our Members every day concerns. Unsafe Conditions All bike riders need safer infrastructure that reduces contact with motor vehicles and the risk of injuries.  But these workers are more likely to be riding at night, in