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Is Using A Phone Legal When Cycling?

We’ve had a few of our Members reach out lately saying they’ve seen an increase in the number of riders using their mobiles while cycling. NSW Law As a bike is classified as a vehicle in NSW, it is illegal to use most mobile device functions while riding, this includes video calling, texting, emailing, social

Time’s Up For Unsafe Road Users

We’re not the only ones tired of waiting for safer roads. NSW Police aren’t impressed with people throwing things at bike riders, or on-line trolls encouraging them.  In their words: Police are reminding the public it is an offence to throw an object from a moving vehicle. Police urge all road users to act in

Safer Roads For Bikes Are Overdue

NSW bike riders are tired of waiting for safer roads. Viral Video Endangering Riders Over the weekend a rider had a drink thrown at her whilst riding.  Luckily she didn’t crash, but she is concerned a post circulating on social media may have inspired a copy-cat. One of our team members commutes regularly around the

Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Cycleway Diversion

In early 2021 the Sydney Harbour Bridge southern cycleway will be diverted from Upper Fort Street due construction at Fort Street Public School. Diversion Information Over the next two years Fort Street Public School will be upgraded, and in order to protect cyclists a diversion has been put in place during these works. The cycleway

Safer Roundabouts For Bike Riders

Roundabouts in NSW present hazards to bike riders, but it would be simple to make them safer. Stay Safe Inquiry In August 2020 Bicycle NSW appeared before the NSW Stay Safe Inquiry Into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads.  As part of the follow-up submission process, we prepared a number of recommendations on changes that could

Congestion Makes Room For Active Transport

Even with COVID-19 keeping people at home more, 60% of fleet-running businesses believe congestion has increased in the last 12 months. The NRMA Business survey  The NRMA annually surveys fleet-running businesses on their experiences of Sydney traffic.  In their 2020 survey, it was found there were 3 main areas in Sydney causing congestion issues:  Sydney

Stopping Distances For Cars, Motorbikes and Bikes

When we think about travelling on a motorbike or bicycle we usually focus on the destination, how far or fast we travel, and maybe the terrain.  But how often do you think about stopping? Number Of Road Users When road users make judgements about how to safely enter a lane of moving traffic, manoeuvre or

New Cycleways for Oxford, Liverpool and College Streets

Thousands of bike riders will benefit from the new cycleways being proposed along Oxford, Liverpool and College streets.  As one of the busiest cycling routes in NSW, City of Sydney and Transport for NSW wanted to create safer spaces for people to ride into and out of the CBD. Liverpool St and Elizabeth St cycleway

Same Road, Different Rules

One of the Bicycle NSW team members rides a bicycle and motorbike on the road, both of which have some different rules to car drivers. The Same For Everyone Many of the road rules are the same for everyone.  Red lights, stop signs, navigating roundabouts and obeying speed limits are all the same for motor

Indication Of Intent And Sudden Change

On the road we indicate intent, and depend on cooperation to change lane, turn and navigate a roundabout. Merging At A Roundabout Too often marked bike lanes vanish faster than an ice-block on a hot day, and riders need to merge into traffic to travel forwards, enter a roundabout or turn.  Sometimes cars and obstacles