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Road Safety Week

Traffic injury is one of the biggest killers in Australia and Road Safety Week (15-22 November) is here to highlight the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it. With over 1200 people dying and 44,000 seriously injured on Australian roads every year, changes need to be made.  Take The Pledge For Road Safety

Hidden Approaches Disrupting Bike Progress

People opposed to bike riding have developed a new approach to disrupt progress, but we’re not dazzled by the gaslight. Objections For Safety Openly objecting to families and children having safe places to ride their bikes, separated from motor vehicles, is a bad look.  Instead people opposed to cycling infrastructure and pop-up cycleways in their

Increased Bike Score for City of Sydney

A recent audit of the City of Sydney has shown the improvement in bike infrastructure over the last year, mostly thanks to the pop-up cycleways.  These 6 new pop-ups helped boost CoS score from a 38 to 43 (out of 100) for bikeability. Bicycle Network Analysis The Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) measures how well bike

How To Advocate For Bikes

People often ask us questions about how to get more bike infrastructure in their area. Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward answer. Providing Feedback When Asked  One of the most important things you can do is support any plans by the council or government to build infrastructure in your area. They regularly call for community feedback on

Your Usage of Fernleigh Track Counts

Lake Macquarie Council has installed technology to count users on the Fernleigh Track. Counter Installed This important tool allows us to show Council and the State Government the value active transport infrastructure delivers for communities. The sensors have been installed at the halfway point at Whitebridge and on the Tramway Track near Glendale TAFE. They’ll

Look Back For Bikes

Any rider who has ridden on the road knows the danger posed by the opening of a car door. Bike Lanes Bicycle Lanes are dictated by a sign with a bike and LANE underneath. If a road shoulder has a painted bike but no Bike Lane sign then bike riders are not compelled to use

Built Safe

Design and engineering in the road related environment can make a big difference to bike riders. Comparing guidelines, policies and law A significant part of our work involves reviewing plans for bike paths and roads.  To do this, Bicycle NSW compares what is proposed with the applicable guidelines, policies and laws. We know how challenging

Safer Examples Of Heavy Vehicles

At Bicycle NSW we love learning about people and companies making roads safer. When Crashes Happen Everyone wants to make it home safely, and the press is full of the stories of when things go wrong.  Whilst articles and statistics about safety failure can act as a warning, or highlight the need for legislative, vehicle

When Is Side Underrun Protection Needed?

Side under-run protection on heavy vehicles can save lives, but what is it, and when is it needed? What is side underrun protection? Bicycle NSW previously explained side underrun protection are the rails that are fitted to the side of heavy vehicles to prevent pedestrians and cyclists being pulled under the wheels of a truck if

What Makes Heavy Vehicles Safer?

Heavy vehicles transport goods, people and equipment, but operating them can present challenges when it comes to road safety. Difficulties For Heavy Vehicles Bicycle NSW recognises the job of heavy vehicle operators is made more difficult by the size and features of their vehicles.  Difficulties include:  blind-spots that make it impossible for a driver to