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Safer Heavy Vehicles For Everyone

Bicycle NSW has launched a campaign calling for improved heavy vehicle safety standards to benefit all vulnerable road users. This follows the deaths of a male rider in Sutton in February,  a female rider in March in Newcastle a female rider following a crash in March in Camperdown, and the deaths of a male pedestrian

NSW Air Quality

Across NSW  dust, bushfires, pollen, the fossil fuel industry and motor vehicles all contribute to air pollution, but in Sydney motor vehicles contribute the lion’s share of emissions impacting our health. There are clear links between traffic pollution and cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer and it can affect reproductive, urological and neurological systems. Vehicles

Handling the Heat When Bike Riding

Bike riding can beat sticky journeys by car or on public transport if you take care of yourself. UV Index For Sun Warnings The Cancer Council NSW has a handy widget that tells you what the UV index is and provides advice on the times of day you need sunscreen. To reduce your risk of

Bikes Enabling Movement

Building infrastructure and improving accessibility for bike riders can improve inclusion for people with disabilities and their families. Carrying a bike up stairs to access a cycleway, or to connect a rail journey is difficult for some riders, impossible for others and creates a manual handling risk.  Stairs are a barrier for people with disabilities

Bike Riding Supports Local Business

Riding home after a long day at work, would you be more likely to grab a few last minute dinner items at your local shop, or head to the closest shopping centre? International research, suggests the former. In London, bike riders and pedestrians are 40% more likely to spend money in local shops than car

Vulnerable Road Users and Heavy Vehicles

The NSW building boom has seen the number of heavy vehicles moving through communities increase.  Awareness campaigns remind bike riders to take care, but a safe systematic approach is necessary to address the real dangers. On average 58 people are killed per year in heavy truck crashes and 1391 suffer serious injuries. Bicycle NSW supports

Reducing Speed Limits

Recent speed limit reductions in parts of Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to improve community safety and well-being.   Brisbane City Council will reduce the speed limit to 40km/h around dozens of suburban shopping and dining precincts. While in Collingwood and Fitzroy in Melbourne, the speed limit will drop to 30km/h. Bicycle NSW supports decreasing

Building a Safer NSW

NSW is experiencing a construction boom, and whether it’s residential, commercial, roads or rail, most communities are impacted and it’s set to continue for decades.  Bicycle NSW has been working to improve the safety of construction planning and management for vulnerable road users and communities. Bicycle user groups and members have raised issues related to

Congestion in NSW

Car usage has expanded exponentially in Australia since World War II.  At the same time trams were removed from cities, like Sydney, and active transport declined. Congestion costs Sydney $6.1 billion dollars annually, rising to $12.6 billion by 2030.  So it’s time to turn back the clock and and get walking and cycling again. Sydney’s

Choosing The Healthiest Way To Move

How we choose to travel can make a big difference to our health, quality of life and life expectancy.  Media reports of accidents may lead people to avoid cycling and active transport, which have enormous health benefits. Only one third of Australians are active enough according to health guidelines. People who aren’t physically active enough