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As the first weekend NSW residents are able to travel since COVID-19 restrictions started and the long weekend, Bicycle NSW is urging caution on the roads.

Bike Riders Prepared For Travel

Some Tips For Drivers

With a high number of people expecting to be traveling we encourage you to plan for extra driving time in case of congestion. We recommend packing extra food and water with you as a precaution. You can monitor traffic at www.livetraffic.com

If you are planning a long drive, remember to Stop, Revive, Survive every 2 hours to reduce the risk of fatigue. With 20% of road fatalities caused by tiredness, it is not worth the risk. 

With many of us working from home and cars not being used as often, make sure to check your car before you leave. The NRMA has a quick guide available here

Southerly Antarctica winds this weekend will bring below 0 temperatures to much of NSW so be prepared for the cold. If travelling be on the lookout for frost, ice or snow on the roads. 

Some Tips for Bike Riders

If you are planning a bike ride this weekend we have a few tips:

  • Be sure to give your bike a quick check. We have a guide available here
  • Make sure to have your route map on hand in case you get lost
  • Have a way to call for help if you get lost or injured
  • Carry a bicycle first aid kit so you can help others or yourself
  • If you’re riding a long distance be prepared for quick weather changes 
  • Most importantly, have fun! 

We have mapped over 300 rides here, if you are looking for somewhere to explore this weekend. If you are planning a ride with friends, you can check the current COVID-19 group riding restrictions for bikes here

COVID-19 Restrictions Still Apply

Some COVID-19 restrictions still apply across NSW including social distancing and limits on bars, restaurants, cafes and outdoors areas. Be sure to follow good hygiene practices and the NSW Health protocols. You can follow NSW Health on social media for updates or visit their website here

“Everyone deserves to arrive at their destination safely so we are urging caution for all road users this weekend. There has never been a better time for zero injuries,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager.  

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