Cycling collageBicycle NSW is still celebrating the announcements of the past two weeks!

Friday 1 December 2016: Our advocacy on behalf of both our members and all bike riders in NSW, has successfully demonstrated to the NSW State Government that the proposed Mandatory ID laws slated to come in to effect on 1 March 2017 were not necessary in today’s cycling environment. Our data from the NSW Bike Riders survey helped to prove that a majority of bike riders already carry identification when riding a bike. We are proud that we have a valued place at the policy table and can discuss such important issues directly with the Government and find the best outcome for the needs of the greater NSW community.

Wednesday 7 December 2016: After years of working with the government, participating in scoping workshops and advocating for a commitment to cycling infrastructure, Bicycle NSW was proud to endorse the NSW State Government announcement of funding for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleways to replace the steps  at the north end and connect the south end directly to the existing cycleways network. This commitment and funding for vital commuter infrastructure will make accessing more of the city via the Bridge more accessible to all bike riders.

To celebrate this achievement, and to help continue the important work we do, we invite all bicycle riders from across NSW to join Bicycle NSW today and help contribute to further great advocacy goals, campaigns and achievements.

Bicycle NSW membership offers great benefits to its members:

  • The best bike riders insurance available in NSW for recreational bike riding – no matter where you live, a Bicycle NSW membership can cover you
  • Comprehensive coverage worldwide, 24 hours a day – ride anywhere in the world and know we’ve got your back
  • Free legal advice and discounted legal services from Veritas Law – ask them for help on bike matters or any other legal service, from property law to wills and estate law.
  • Member benefits and discounts including discounted entry to our iconic event Spring Cycle, the only bike riding event across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Gear Up Girl, the soon to be biggest women’s only community bike ride
  • Representation at the policy table when we advocate for a better environment for cycling

Use the code celebratecycling when you join to receive a celebratory discount off your membership fee!

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