The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust has recently completed a successful three month trial that saw the Musgrave Avenue Gates opened daily from sunrise to sunset to allow cyclists and pedestrians to use this key entry point.  The results were that “there were no cycling-related safety issues reported throughout the trial period despite number of cyclists using this entrance every week”.

After this initial trial period, the Musgrave Avenue Gates in Centennial Park will now be permanently opened daily from sunrise to sunset, in line with other vehicle gates around Centennial Park.

The Centennial Parklands Trust initiated the trial in response to feedback from cyclists regarding the accessibility of this key entry point of the Park.  Bicycle NSW is delighted that this collaboration with the Trust has been so successful and we hope it will prove to be a role model for other councils and the cycling community.

Click here to read the The Centennial Parklands Trust Press Release.

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