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Across NSW the riding environment is evolving, and we’re encouraging all road users to change with it.

Group Cycling

More People Riding

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly increased the demand for safe places to walk and cycle, and saw more people ride for transport, leisure and exercise.  This included families, children and people who haven’t felt safe to ride before.

Parks, shared paths and cycleways filled up, bike shops emptied, and the demand for space has seen pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones implemented across NSW. The shift to bike riding has helped reduce crowding on public transport, and on the roads.  It has also helped keep people active and healthy when gyms and community sport shut down, and many faced mental health challenges.

Riders Of All Abilities

Increased rider numbers and more inexperienced riders challenge us all to slow down and be a bit more patient.  Motor vehicle drivers may need to slow down, but every commuting bike rider is another car you aren’t stuck behind. 

Regular riders who are used to cycling fast on certain routes and paths may also need to slow down, or make room for newer riders and families.  But increased demand for safe spaces to cycle has helped readjust government priorities that will eventually help all riders.

“It’s unusual for everyone to have to change this quickly, but we are encouraged by the mode-shift to bikes and everyone’s efforts to look after each other,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We’ve invested in a campaign to keep everyone safe,” said Bastien.

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Safety On Spokes

This article is a part of our 2 month Safety on Spokes Campaign where we cover a range of topics to make a better environment for bike riders in NSW.

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