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City of Sydney has really opened the floodgates for cycling in Sydney’s CBD area. Currently, they are one of the leading councils in NSW in terms of cycling infrastructure and they need your help to continually improve this.

Build the infrastructure and the riders will come! The City has worked intensively on actions from their previous 2007–2017 cycle strategy, investing an average of $11 million per annum to build a safe and connected bike network and cycling trips have doubled in the city. Look at the graphic below as to the mass increase of cycling in just a 7 year period.

The City of Sydney is committed to making bicycle transport easier and safer, so it is an attractive and feasible option for more people. Look at the four ways they are planning to achieve this.


Connect the network – build a bike network to make it safer for people to ride in Sydney

Support people to ride – understand and address barriers and help people to start, and continue riding

Support business – partner with employers to encourage staff to ride

Lead by example – share our expertise and be a positive influence for improvements for cycling within and beyond our boundaries.

Sydney needs a way to combat it’s going population and bike riding is a perfect option.  Look at all the opportunities below.

Bicycle NSW has been a strong supporter for the work the City of Sydney is achieving in the bike riding section. Please make a submission which will help impact to City of Sydney Cycling Action Plan 2018-2030.

We call upon the NSW State Government get behind this Plan with immediate support for planning permissions and funding.  Let’s commit to bike riding as a viable means of transport, commuting and recreational fun. 

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