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Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here.

What is CLOCS? 

Bicycle NSW focuses on heavy vehicle safety, because too many riders have been killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  We have explained the Construction Logistics and Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) and the higher standards implemented in the United Kingdom and Europe to keep people safe.

These measures work to prevent crashes and save lives, but Australian MPs and road safety experts have ‘dragged their heels’ in implementing them here.  Last December, the first webinar was held to discuss bringing these standards to Australia.

Will CLOCS be implement in Australia?

Bicycle NSW attended the webinar and strongly supports adopting CLOCS in Australia.  We were concerned though at the inference that this may only be an optional scheme, where people could opt out.

“Optional safety schemes prioritize profits over people, and they don’t work to save lives,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“For decades we’ve had Austroads and NSW Bicycle Guidelines that should engineer bike rider safety into road related environments, but following them isn’t compulsory, so many don’t bother,” said Bastien.

In order to get the best result for road safety, and to create a level playing field, everyone involved in construction and allied industries needs to be held to consistent standards.  We will update you as discussions continue.

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