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Responses to the COVID-19 virus are changing rapidly and Bicycle NSW will continue to update you on what applies to bike riding as we #BikeThroughCorona.

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National COVID-19 Regulations

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced a number of measures including ‘the rule of two’, further restricting social gatherings from ten down to two people.  Over the past few days members have questioned our response or have asked us to share recommendations for how to ride in groups leaving more space.

How This Applies To Bike Riding

Bicycle NSW was aware further restrictions were likely, and we did not want to increase confusion by advising people to do things that were inconsistent with government requirements.  Our advice to ride solo, train indoors or to restrict riding companions to the family members in your household aligns with the government’s advice. It also appears to be ok to ride with one friend, but not a group.

We will continue sharing resources to help you #BikeThroughCorona on our page. We are aware that construction projects are continuing, and for many people trying to ride to work and practice social distancing, these are presenting hazards.  Bicycle NSW is developing a digital reporting solution to help, and MP’s are still working with us to try to improve the safety of your ride.

Current advice is to limit going outside and for people to self isolate at home if they are:

  • over the age of 70
  • over 60 and have existing health conditions or comorbidities
  • an indigenous Australian over 50 and have existing health conditions or comorbidities

There are a range of resources to help you, including a government WhatsApp at and federal and state information.

“Bicycle NSW members are diverse and really know how to look after each other,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“If you, your BUG or riding group have developed ways to look out for members or people in your community, we’d love to hear about it,” said Bastien.

To share what you are doing to support people as they #BikeThroughCorona please tag us in or to share stories email us at

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