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The COVID-19 vaccine roll out has begun across NSW, however it’s still too soon to ease basic safety measures.

Current Health Restrictions 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak over the Christmas period, the NSW Government has slowly started to roll back restrictions. 

Currently, all community sporting activities are allowed.  A COVID-19 Safety Plan is needed for any community sporting activities that involve more than 100 participants. 

For BUGs planning trips or regularly riding between different council areas, there are currently no restrictions for travelling between metropolitan and regional areas. 

Stopping The Spread 

We encourage all riders to regularly check the NSW Health website to ensure they are following the most recent guidelines, and stay up to date on special rules or closures related to infection ‘hot-spots’. 

It is important to keep practicing physical distancing when riding with people who are not in your household. If you are meeting with a riding group for a ride, be sure to stay 1.5 metres away from each other. This includes pre, during (such as stopping at red lights) and after the ride.

If stopping for a meal or drink with your riding group, we recommend getting takeaway and sitting in a large open space such as a park. This will enable you to physically distance yourself better and allow for better ventilation than a closed indoor building.

NSW Health also recommends to avoid shared travel arrangements with people you don’t live with such as car-pooling, along with minimising social gatherings before and after.

COVID-19 Symptoms

It is essential if you have symptoms to get tested at a COVID-19 clinic. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell. Self-isolate until you get your results.

We encourage you to take extra care around vulnerable people including those who are older, have a compromised immune system or chronic medical condition. 

BUGs Guidelines

In order to feel comfortable and safe when riding, we support riding groups in creating their own guidelines which are stricter than the current NSW ones. This can include avoiding riding through NSW hotspots, limiting group numbers, or no post ride coffee catch ups. 

As it is usually not possible to disinfect equipment during a ride, it is not safe to share, for instance, tools, other equipment or even bikes. Please make these rules clear to avoid disappointment. 

It is also recommended the Ride Leader (or the ‘captain’ of the ride) has the names and contact details of each rider for contact tracing purposes should this be required later on. If a physical sign on sheet is used, encourage riders to use different pens or for one person to collect the details of all riders. 


If in doubt, please check with the NSW Health website for more information. 

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