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As part of returning to sport and staying COVID-safe, Bicycle NSW has developed a resource for ride leaders, BUGs and members.

Across Australia sports organisations are being asked to:

  •       develop COVID-19 safety plans,
  •       help participants practice good hygiene and stay safe,
  •       prepare a response if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs, and
  •       develop good public health protocols for the future.

Bicycle NSW doesn’t have club-houses, manage facilities, run tournaments or share equipment, so our needs are different to some community sports organisations.  Members participate in many types of bike riding. If you ride alone, in parks, for transport, with family or the members of your household ordinary COVID-19 control measures are enough.

If you ride with, or organise, group rides with people outside your household, we have created a 15 minute training resource to help you stay COVID-safe here.  This is essential for Bicycle NSW ride leaders, but open to anyone.

It is possible that even after the planned return to sport, local outbreaks may mean that some areas or communities are required to implement additional measures to control infection. 

Bicycle NSW recommends checking the NSW Government website for the latest information.  You can access posters and information about ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 including translated resources and more information about return to sport.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic we have worked to keep you informed and we will continue to update our webpage with helpful information on what’s required in NSW.

“We encourage you to complete the training and take the quiz, and to contact us if you still feel unsure,”  said Alistair Ferguson, Bicycle NSW CEO. 

For any questions please send Bicycle NSW an email here.

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