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Bicycle NSW works hard to create a better environment for all bike riders.

Below are some of our campaigns towards creating a safer NSW.

News Articles On Creating A Safer NSW

Bicycle NSW volunteer Nicolle Kuppens has found bike riding in Sydney a challenge after many years of everyday cycling in Read more
BUGS Improving Rider Safety
One of the most important goals of Bicycle New South Wales is to get more people bicycling more often and Read more
Protected cycleways that separate bike riders from both vehicles and pedestrians are gold standard facilities. Great examples of these cycleways Read more
Bicycle helmet standards change
But not just yet in New South Wales…. Just a few weeks ago, the Assistant Treasurer accepted the Australian Consumer and Competition Read more
Should we ban e-bikes in apartments?
Stories of spectacular fires caused by lithium-ion batteries have sparked fears about the safety of these batteries and the gadgets Read more
Police tape across NSW road
Road trauma statistics have trended in the wrong direction over the last few years. 370 lives were lost in the Read more
Give me room! A close pass is intimidating and very dangerous.
The NSW Police agree that Minimum Passing Distance legislation must be enforced - but we need your help! Bicycle NSW was Read more
Nicolle and her daughter in Amersfoort
Nicolle Kuppens is an urban planner who lives on Sydney’s lower north shore and loves riding bikes. Two years ago, Read more
Two bicycle riders are thrust into sydney traffic as bike lane abruptly ends
An interim report from BikeSpot 2023 has revealed the worst and the best places in Sydney to ride your bike. Read more
small child standing in front of super sized ute
for supersized cars is mad Let Standards Australia know that this is a really bad idea! Standards Australia is considering Read more
Dear truck and van driver
Thank you for working hard to drive safely We get that this is a stressful job, particularly in heavily populated Read more
The weight we share
The massive cost of autobesity Lack of emissions standards and generous tax perks make Australia the dumping ground for bloated, Read more
Police charge bike riders for existing
Whilst ignoring dangerous drivers Bicycle NSW previously wrote about the problem of perceived (or actual) police bias against bike riders. Read more
Enough is enough!
Fund better streets now. Not in 320 years Dear Member of Parliament, The Collaroy tragedy is a reminder of the Read more
Blacktown’s good bones marred by bollards
Dan Sobkowski is a young father who bikes for transport with his family in and around Blacktown. Dan’s observations on Read more
Bollard Busters!
Riding group takes out two useless bollards in Homebush Bicycle User Group (BUG) Bike North may have set the record Read more
Road rage death 5 years on -
...and Louise is still campaigning for safer streets Note: This story may upset and distress some readers Five years ago Read more
Doctors call for Oxford Street renewal
Doctors for the Environment Australia demand a plan for Oxford Street that puts people first. Doctors for the Environment Australia Read more
Ups and (mostly...) downs at the Warringah Freeway
Bicycle NSW has worked closely with Bicycle User Group Bike North to try and achieve better outcomes for walking and Read more
Breathing life into Parramatta Road
Parramatta Road is no longer a road. It’s a stroad! What’s a stroad? A stroad is best described by what Read more