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Bicycle NSW works hard to create a better environment for all bike riders.

Below are some of our campaigns towards creating a safer NSW.

News Articles On Creating A Safer NSW

Bicycle NSW makes submissions on transport projects, laws, regulations and plans as part of advocating for what would make NSW
Many businesses were required by law under the COVID-19 public health measures to close their end of trip facilities across
This weekend the Joint Agency Taskforce - Food Delivery Rider Safety and SafeWork NSW are commencing compliance activity. A crucial
We’ve had a few of our Members reach out lately saying they’ve seen an increase in the number of riders
We’re not the only ones tired of waiting for safer roads. NSW Police aren’t impressed with people throwing things at
NSW bike riders are tired of waiting for safer roads. Viral Video Endangering Riders Over the weekend a rider had
Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney, has written to the government to support our calls to change rule 74 to
NSW Police and Crime Stoppers NSW, as part of the 4D’s road safety initiative, are asking road users to report
Overseas standards for construction and heavy vehicles are safer than Australia, and finally we may see improvements here. What is
Fallen branches obstructing road
Normally a clean-up is a dreaded chore after Christmas, but we think you’ll share our excitement as we anticipate this
Who should we really be building cycleways for? Nigel Withers, Bay Bug member, has produced an excellent video that highlights
A favourite catch-cry of the anti-bike lobby is that bicycle riders don’t deserve to be safe on the road because
The NSW Road Rule 74 does not provide for bicycle path users crossing a road to have the “right of
Roundabouts in NSW present hazards to bike riders, but it would be simple to make them safer. Stay Safe Inquiry
NSW Road rule 129 requires everyone to drive as near as practicable to the far left side of the road,
No matter how you travel for work, you should arrive home safely. Legislation to Regulate Food Delivery Bicycle NSW has
When we think about travelling on a motorbike or bicycle we usually focus on the destination, how far or fast
Traffic injury is one of the biggest killers in Australia and Road Safety Week (15-22 November) is here to highlight
Across NSW the riding environment is evolving, and we’re encouraging all road users to change with it. More People Riding
A key objective of Safety on Spokes was to engage MPs from across NSW, because bike riders in every electorate