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Bicycle NSW works hard to create a better environment for all bike riders.

Below are some of our campaigns towards creating a safer NSW.

News Articles On Creating A Safer NSW

Food delivery by bike is popular in NSW, offering a low-carbon, inexpensive service, that de-congests roads and gets food to Read more
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Changes for thousands of people who walk and ride bikes. The Westconnex Rozelle Interchange project proposes changing connections between the Read more
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Since March 2019, Bicycle NSW has been working to try and make light rail crossings safer. Now, we need your Read more
Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of the rider who died following a crash Read more
Current Road Safety advice is for people riding bikes to wear ‘bright, light or reflective clothing’ to increase the chances Read more
Bicycle NSW is calling for all heavy vehicles to be fitted with side underrun protection.  Here’s what it means and Read more
Last Thursday evening representatives of Bicycle NSW and the Newcastle Cycleways Movement attended the National Road Transport Association meeting at Read more
You can help make national heavy vehicle law safer for everyone. Part of our heavy vehicle campaign includes changing the Read more
Last week, Bicycle NSW launched our campaign calling for safer heavy vehicle standards as a direct result of the serious Read more
Bicycle NSW has launched a campaign calling for improved heavy vehicle safety standards to benefit all vulnerable road users. This Read more
Too many people are dying or being seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles can be made safer Read more
As light rail projects are completed in Newcastle and Sydney, the safety of people crossing these tracks needs careful consideration. Read more
Building infrastructure and improving accessibility for bike riders can improve inclusion for people with disabilities and their families. Carrying a Read more
The NSW building boom has seen the number of heavy vehicles moving through communities increase.  Awareness campaigns remind bike riders Read more
Recent speed limit reductions in parts of Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to improve community safety and well-being.   Brisbane Read more
NSW is experiencing a construction boom, and whether it’s residential, commercial, roads or rail, most communities are impacted and it’s Read more