Bicycle NSW today announced the winning design of its 2014 ‘Helmet Artwork Design competition’ sponsored by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association from a record 12,300 entries by students from across NSW and the ACT.

Guthrie Kidman, aged 8 (pictured left) from Sathya Sai Primary School in Murwillumbah, was announced as the winner following judging by the Minister for Roads and Freight The Hon. Duncan Gay along with NRMA President Kyle Loades.

“I thought of drawing the peace sign in black and the colours around it in the traffic light colours. But it was missing something. So I started drawing dashes that made the peace sign look like a road. Everyone on the roads and pathways should share to make our road safer and our world more peaceful.” said Gus Kidman.

The winning design will be made into a limited edition helmet and all eight regional winners receive a bike and helmet pack for their creative designs.

“The design really did stand out because it showed how the child had applied everything they had learnt through the educational resources and applied them with the end use in mind. This helmet design is bold, stylish and has excellent safety benefits through its bright, highly visible colours – it’s wearable art!” said Sophie Bartho, Communications Director at Bicycle NSW

School-age children are simultaneously the most enthusiastic bicycle users and the most vulnerable. The ‘Helmet Artwork Design Competition’ is an interactive competition which informs students about bike safety by engaging them in a series of educational resources and creative applications.

“I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an artist, but I am honoured to have taken part in this important and very creative initiative for kids road safety. All the entries were fantastic and I must admit, I had a lot of fun. Saving lives on our roads is my number one priority. When kids get a bit older they start to take their bikes out on their own and it is so important that they wear a helmet and know the road rules” Minister Gay said.

NRMA President Kyle Loades said the NRMA was proud to partner with Bicycle NSW for a third year to educate children especially those in Years K-6 about one of the basics of bike safety. NRMA is keen to help schools teach bike safety and the online resources we provided were clearly put to good use.

“It’s great to get kids riding bikes from a young age, and it’s really important to make sure kids and their parents are putting safety first. This means wearing helmets, bright colours, using lights and reflectors, knowing the road rules and being aware of cyclists when we are driving” Mr Loades said.

Research into crashes shows that helmets reduce head injuries by 60 per cent and brain injuries by 58 per cent. It is essential we teach our children the importance of riding a bicycle for health and fitness, and the importance of always putting safety first. The competition encourages children to learn and understand bicycle safety essentials by asking them to apply them to their own bicycle helmet design.

Click here to find out more about the Bicycle NSW Artwork Design Competition.

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