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Your Bicycle NSW Membership Card is digital. This means you can take advantage of benefits from your phone, mobile device and computer. We know you will enjoy your new Digital Membership Card which can be stored in a smart device digital wallet, computer or printed out.

We understand most riders carry their phones on them 24/7. Here are some of the benefits of having your digital Membership card stored on your smart device.

  1. Emergency contact details in case of an accident
  2. Easy access to Membership details for cycling event registration
  3. Direct access to our list of affiliated partners

Personalised Membership Cards are accessible via your Bicycle NSW Membership emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Apple Users

For Android Users

Pass Source officially support the following Android apps: WalletPasses, Pass Wallet, Attido Pass, Android Pass and Pass2U. We do recommend using WalletPasses.

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