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Yesterday we wrote about the potential to reshape NSW with pop-up bike lanes, but the good news was limited to parts of central Sydney.  That was only the beginning.

Bike Riders Cycling Within COVID-19 Guidelines

It’s time NSW, to get your maps out to help choose the next locations. Yes you’re awake, it’s reality – not magic.

As part of the return to work and education and the gradual roll-back of COVID-19 measures, the government needs as many of us as possible to switch our journeys to active transport.  This will help reduce congestion on public transport and roads.

Bike Riders to Help NSW Get Moving Again

To help bike riders play our part in getting NSW moving again, Transport for NSW and NSW Planning need to know what would fix your journey.  Is there a missing connection where a pop-up bike lane, reduced speed limit or something else could help you complete your journey on two wheels, instead of getting on a crowded bus or train?

Government needs to reduce peak hour congestion on trains and busses, to leave space for those who cannot ride or walk.  Can you show us on a map what needs to change so you can cycle to work, University, TAFE or school?  It needs to be a problem that a temporary measure can fix quickly.

“Transport for NSW, NSW Planning and the Premier need us to ride bikes for more of our journeys, to avoid NSW roads becoming parking lots,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

 “Government is ready to help connect journeys to make them safer, and we can help you be heard,” said Bastien. 

Share Your Pop-Up Bike Lane Suggestions

To share your suggestion:

  1. Mark the location on a map
  2. Describe the problem that needs solving and how a temporary measure (such as a reduced speed limit, bicycle lantern on a crossing signal, temporary bike lane) could fix it
  3. Send the map and issue to us at

Bicycle NSW will pull together the suggestions most likely to decongest routes, and send them to Transport for NSW.  Together we can help work some ‘travel magic’ and make journeys safer for everyone.

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