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Our southern Bicycle User Groups alerted us last October to a tragedy on the Illawarra roads however it has taken some time for the legal system to bring the driver in question to trial. With great relief, last Wednesday the driver faced court and pleaded guilty to “a charge of negligent driving occasioning death”. 

Our thoughts are with the Angus family as the legal system does it’s work and this case comes to it’s close on 16 November with sentencing. We will continue to work with our southern BUGs and members to follow this case through to it’s conclusion. 

We note a common theme that drivers are experiencing difficulty seeing riders when driving facing into sunlight. We urge any person operating any vehicle at dawn and dusk to take extra care on the roads, and more precaution if vision is obscured due to intense sunlight. It’s the responsibility of every road user that they take measures to ensure they do not cause harm to others, especially road users more vulnerable than themselves.

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