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Safety in and around heavy vehicles starts from the ground up and relies on drivers to maintain a high level of knowledge and awareness.

As recently discussed, SUEZ has a high safety priority within their company and implement additional technology for their trucks – but in the end, drivers are the key to it all coming together safely.

During the SUEZ recruitment process, all potential drivers undergo driving and reference checks along with a medical examination. But before taking control of their own vehicle they spend up to three months working alongside an experienced driver, having undertaken an extensive induction and e-learning program while learning the ropes and training with the on-road safety systems.

SUEZ also implements ongoing safety measures such as independent driver competency appraisals, which are completed every two years to ensure a high ongoing level of skill. This is complimented by their driver behaviour management system which monitors drivers daily, to provide effective ongoing coaching to maintain safety standards.

Morning safety meetings are held before every shift to discuss any issues that may have arisen in and around the company, whether it be a local issue or something that has happened globally. These “toolbox talks” focus on learning and improving from these issues and cover safety topics to provide drivers with professional development.

SUEZ has a team of road safety and compliance experts, who combined have over 100 years of regulatory and road safety experience. This team is responsible for proactively ensuring education advice and compliance across road safety business practices.

Transitioning to the new trucks, drivers found it like entering something from the space age. Their new safety technology, sensors and transparent cabs allow them more visibility than ever before.

With so much glass on the cabs and cameras on all sides, the drivers can see in almost every direction. The dash console also tells the driver the weight being carried on each individual axel, as well as how much petrol, engine oil and coolant the truck currently has. Drivers have adapted well to the new technology and are highly motivated to keep the community safe.

“SUEZ has set a high safety standard in driver education and heavy vehicle operation. We would love to hear about the road safety efforts of other heavy vehicle companies and drivers,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager.

We call on the NSW Government, Councils, companies and land managers to prioritise public safety when entering into heavy vehicle service contracts.

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