NSW Bike Week 2017

NSW Bike Week is on again!  A perfect time to get out on the bike &  join in on the fun with friends and family. Seven days of great cycling events during September 16-24, 2017.  

Bicycle NSW and our affiliated Bicycle User Groups (BUGS) are proud to deliver bike riding events for you! We are excited to see you all out there on your bikes and enjoying the wonderful bike riding routes that are on offer across NSW.   

There are three different types of rides which our BUG's can choose to hold for Bike Week. These rides are of different distances and difficulty levels, creating a unique cycling experience for riders! The options include:

  • Social Ride - suited for new riders and families.  It is an easy ride -  cycling at a slower pace, allowing them to socialise with fellow riders and tune their cycling skills. 
  • Utility Ride - these rides take participants across different routes in the local area. They move through the district at a slower pace to show riders unique places to explore by bike, adding to the cycling experience. 
  • Challenge Ride - for experienced cyclists who are keen to stretch their legs and take their riding experience to a new level! These rides are of longer distance, faster pace and take participants across different terrain in the local area. 

Take a look at the events below to select a ride that is best for you and your family! All riding levels are catered for, so there's no excuse not to have a go this Bike Week. Select the ride that is best for you and register NOW!

Check out further Bike Week events at the Transport for NSW Bike Week website. 

South Coast Region

Rides in Kiama, Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla

Kiama BUG

Albion Park Rail Utility Ride

Kiama BUG will also be hosting a 22km utility ride across Albion Park! Riders will make their way from Aldi in Albion Park down past the airport and across to Yallah nursery. The ride will then venture through Haywards Bay to the Blue Jay Cafe in Church Street, allowing riders to refresh and mingle with others! The ride will finish back at Aldi

Time: 8am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Aldi carpark opposite Albion Park Rail 


For more details about Kiama BUG's rides for Bike Week, please contact Ross Mansell on 4232 3075 or at rossmansell1@bigpond.com

Central Coast Region

Rides in Woy Woy and Gosford

Central Coast BUG

Peninsula Social Ride

Join Central Coast BUG for a slower paced social ride along the Woy Woy Peninsula. Riders will enjoy an off-road cycling experience along a shared cycle path, ensuring they are all in prime position to take in the glamorous waterside views. The slow pace will allow riders the chance to socialise and share their experiences with others

Time: 10:30am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Fisherman's Wharf, Woy Woy

Woy Woy to Gosford Utility Ride

Part of Central Coast BUG's Bike Week schedule is a 25km utility ride. Riders will use off-road cyclepaths and travel at a slow pace, ensuring that the group stays together and all riders have the chance to socialise with others. Participants will enjoy the picturesque views of Brisbane Waters as part of their journey. The ride will finish as a return to Fisherman's Wharf

Time: 9am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Fisherman's Wharf, Woy Woy

Woy Woy to Mangrove Mountain Challenge Ride

The feature event of Central Coast BUG's Bike Week, riders will stretch their legs with a 75km Mangrove Mountain return trek. Suitable for experienced riders who are keen for a challenge, this ride will take participants through the lovely countryside. The Challenge ride also provides a good opportunity for participants to learn effective techniques of hill riding.

Time: 7:30am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Fisherman's Wharf, Woy Woy


For more details about Central Coast BUG's rides for Bike Week, please contact Alan Corvy on 0476 840 615 or at acorvy@hotmail.com

Sydney - Inner West Region

Rides in Marrickville and Canada Bay

Bike Marrickville

Utility Ride to Big Bike Day Event

Bike Marrickville are excited to host a Big Bike Day ride. Riders will make their way through Tempe, including a journey through the Rozelle and Addison Road markets. This ride will also include a stop over at the Big Bike Day festival in Leichhardt, where there will be free bicycle maintenance workshops, valet parking and other fun filled activities. Free lunch and beverages will also be provided at this festival

Time: 9am 

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Tempe Station, Richardsons Crescent Tempe

For more details about Bike Marrickville's ride for Bike Week, please contact Natalie Ross on 0435 117 463 or at pipsheard@bigpond.com

Canada Bay BUG

Concord Utility Ride

Canada Bay BUG will be hosting a Concord utility ride, taking riders across Concord to discover a range of art installations in the area. Participants will enjoy on-road and off-road cycling at a moderate pace, ensuring they gain a variety of experiences from their ride. Riders will also enjoy the stunning views of the Cooks River as part of their ride

Time: 7am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Brewer Street carpark, Concord

Concord to Botany Bay Challenge Ride

Canada Bay BUG will also be hosting the Concord to Botany Bay return challenge ride as part of their Bike Week schedule! Riders will enjoy on a 50km journey at a moderate pace, enjoying an off-road cycling experience. This ride will visit amazing views through Kyeemagh, Brighton and along the beautiful Botany Bay foreshore. A coffee stop will take place to provide riders a chance to mingle and share their stories with others. 

Time: 7am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Majors Bay Road, Concord

For more information about Canada Bay BUG's rides for Bike Week, please contact Geoff Ashton at 0407 006 874 or at secretary@baybug.org.au

Ashfield BUG

Cooks River Utility Ride

Ashfield BUG are excited to hold a utiltiy ride along the Cooks River! Riders will enjoy a moderately paced ride through Strathfield, Rhodes and Parramatta, before returning to the Cooks River cycleway via Lidcombe. A stop will also be made at a cafe in Parramatta, where riders can refresh and chat with others.

Time: 8:30am 

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Cooks River path, Croydon Avenue

For more details about Ashfield BUG's ride for Bike Week, please contact Andrew Graf on 0424 225 684 or at agraf@exemail.com.au

Sydney - Western Sydney Region

Rides in Fairfield, Liverpool and Parramatta

Liverpool BUG

Liverpool Loop Utility Ride

Liverpool BUG will also be hosting a 25km utility ride along the cycleways of Liverpool. Riders will be taken from Liverpool Station through the T-way cycleway and Orphan School Creek cycleway, before heading onto Canley Vale for morning tea.  

Time: 9am 

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Liverpool Train Station, Bigge Street Liverpool

For more details on Liverpool BUG's events for Bike Week, please contact Maree Stacy on 9602 5293 or at mastacy@aims1.every1.net

Sydney Cycling Sisters

Rusty Riders Course

Sydney Cycling Sisters have the ride for you to get you moving? If you haven't ridden a bike in a while join them for the Rusty Riders Course in collaboration with Addventageous. The Course will goes through basic bike maintenance and skills and you will also do a short ride along Parramatta River.

Not available to the public. Only available to members of the Sydney Cycling Sisters

Time: 9:00 am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Parramatta

Parramatta to Bicentennial Park return 25km Utility ride

Join Sydney Cycling Sisters for a social ride! You will ride on the segregated cycleways from Parramatta to Bicentennial Park. You will also have the option of then completing the basic maintenance course. 

Not available to the public. Only available to Sydney Cycling Sisters members

Time: 7:30am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Parramatta Park to Bicentennial Park return

To register for Sydney Cycling Sisters' events for Bike Week, please contact Yusra Metwally at metwally90@gmail.com

Western Sydney Cycling Network

Tour de Fairfield Utiltiy Ride

A ride from the Western Sydney Cycling Network clubhouse to Farfield Park. It is a ride specifically designed for refugees/new riders to explore Fairfield. 

Time: 9:00 am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: From WSCN clubhouse at Fairfield Showground, Prairiewood. (Moonlight Rd Entrance)

To register for this event, please visit the Fairfield City Website 

For more information about this event, please contact Western Sydney Cycling Network on 0418 954 682.

Sydney - CBD Region

Rides in Bondi and Newtown


Eastern Sydney Parks & Beaches Utility ride

Join BIKEast for an Eastern Sydney Parks & Beaches Utility ride through the Sydney Eastern Suburbs. Beginning at Bondi Beach before moving through Bondi Junction, Centennial Park, Clovelly, Bondi Junction

Time: 9:00 am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Bondi Beach

For more information about BIKEast's ride for Bike Week, please contact Mark Worthington on 0412 013 262 or at markw2022@gmail.com 


Social Art Ride

Beginning at Newtown Art Seat looping through Chippendale, Anzac Bridge, Callan Park, White Creek, Newtown.

Time: 10:30 am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Newtown Art Seat


For more information about ARTCycle's ride for Bike Week, please contact Gilbert Grace on 9517 3956 or at gilbert@gilbertgrace.com

Sydney - Northern Suburbs Region

Ride in Ku-ring-gai

Bike North

Bobbo Banana Challenge Ride

We begin at Bicentennial Park and head off for a 55km ride to Bobbin Head. There will be off-road and on-road cycling experiences, with steep hill climbs as part of the ride. Riders will experience the beautiful waters of Bobbin Head and cycle along the shared path at the peaceful Browns Waterhole. Suitable for the more experienced rider

Time: 7:30 am

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Bicentennial Park to Bobbin Head return

For more information about Bike North's ride for Bike Week, please contact Gautam Sridhar on 9617 0080 or at rides@bikenorth.org.au

Hunter Region

Bike Week ride and breakfast

Newcastle City Council

City Ride

Join a free 'City Ride' at the Newcastle Bike Week Breakfast Sunday 24 September 2017 from Lambton Park (9am til 12noon). There are limited numbers for this ride so please confirm your spot through Eventbrite:

More information about the Bike Week Breakfast can be found on Newcastle Council's event's calendar:

Time: 9am - 12pm,

Date: Sunday 24th September

Location: Lambton Park, Morehead Street, Lambton

Here's what you've missed so far...

Bike Week runs from 16 - 24 September 2017 and has seen lots of riders enjoy some terrific rides and events.

Liverpool BUG

Spring into Liverpool Stall

Liverpool BUG will be manning a stall at the 'Spring into Liverpool' event held by the Liverpool City Council. This event will promote Bike Week and riding within the local Liverpool area. Demonstrations will be held to teach basic bicycle maintenance, as well as how to change and repair tyres. Handouts which showcase walking, cycling and transport options in the Liverpool area will also be distributed. 

Time: 12pm 

Date: Saturday 16th September

Location: Greenway Park, Carnes Hill 

Wollongong City Council

Ride the Gong - Bicycle NSW stall

On Saturday 16 September, Bicycle NSW visited the City of Wollongong's 'Ride the Gong' event. Held annually, 'Ride the Gong' promotes bike riding within the district. We were on hand with our own stall, chatting with the local community and learning about all things riding in the Wollongong area. We also had great fun holding the 'Give a Metre' challenge, educating locals on the minimum passing distance that car drivers must give to bike riders as they pass them on the road. We had a great time and we're very happy to have been part of the day!


Kiama BUG

Kiama Classic Family Fun Social Ride

On Saturday 16th September, Kiama BUG assisted the local council with the annual Kiama Classic Family Fun social ride. Riders of all ages turned out to enjoy a 5km loop around the gorgeous coast line, making the most of a slow paced ride where they were able to have a great day of family fun! The event was a huge success, with 100 participants riding on the day. 

Kiama BUG are also holding a 22km Utility Ride in Albion Park this Sunday, 24 September. For more information about this ride, please see below.


Eurobodalla BUG

Broulee Surf Club Social Rides

On Sunday 17 September, Eurobodalla BUG held two social rides out of Broulee Surf Club. A glorious sunny day saw a small group of young kids and parents tackle a short ride along the beach from the surf club north to Candlagan Creek.  Another group of more experienced riders then headed south for a 14km ride along the back of the beach through the bush to Moruya North Head.   Riders from the Eurobodalla BUG acted as ride marshals for the event. Riding was the winner in Broulee on Sunday! 

For more information about other fantastic rides held by Eurobodalla BUG, please contact Guy Brantingham on 4473 8376 or at glbrantingham@gmail.com

Shoalhaven BUG

Huskisson to Plantation Point return Utility Ride

On Sunday 17th September, Shoalhaven BUG held their 20km Huskisson to Plantation Point return Utility ride. Blessed with a gorgeous Spring day, riders of all ages turned out to enjoy a picturesque ride along Jervis Bay, before enjoying an array of lunch and beverages and the chance to mingle with other riders.

Bicycle NSW was also there for the event. We had a great time discussing all things riding with cyclists along the South Coast, learning about great places to ride in the area. We are happy that all involved had such a great day and that Bike Week well and truly left its mark in the Shoalhaven!

To enjoy more wonderful rides held by the Shoalhaven BUG, please contact their President Mel Gillott on 0439 483 088 or at redshiftxyz@hotmail.com


Lane Cove Council

Bike Week Breakfast

Riders were treated to a wonderful breakfast held by the Lane Cove Council on Thursday, 21 September. Many came out on a lovely spring morning to have a chat and enjoy the wonderful food available. Bicycle NSW had a great time, meeting new riders and catching up with familiar faces, talking all things cycling. Those who came also took part in the ‘Give a Metre’ challenge, where we spoke about the minimum passing distance required that drivers must give when passing bike riders. We had a great morning and enjoyed another fantastic Bike Week event! 

Central Coast Touring Cycle Club

Gosford to Woy Woy Utility Ride

Riders on the Central Coast enjoyed an easy-paced 22km ride from Gosford to Woy Woy on Thursday, 21st September. Treated by gorgeous spring weather, all who came enjoyed picturesque coastal scenery during their ride. It was the perfect chance for riders to socialise with others and share their experiences. 

For more details about Central Coast Touring Cycle Club and their regular rides, please contact Paul Murray on 0404 559 064 or at pd.murray@bigpond.com

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