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Regular exercise can lower your risk of heart disease, a fact many Australia’s don’t know.  

In a recent Heart Foundation survey, 65% of people knew this information but concerningly two thirds said they do not meet Australian physical activity guidelines (30 minutes of moderate physical activity five or more days a week).

Single Leading Cause of Death

With heart disease taking 50 lives every day in Australia, it’s the nation’s single leading cause of death, and we need more people to exercise to reduce their risk.

With this in mind, the Heart Foundation have launched their Personal Walking Plans to help encourage people to be active. 

Bike Riding For Exercise

Bike riding is another great way to stay physically active to ensure you’re meeting the 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days a week. As a low impact exercise with different bikes (road, ebike, cargo, MTB, trishaw, tandem) catering to various lifestyles, riding really is for everyone. 

Bicycle NSW is here to help and we’ve mapped over 300 routes across the state along with various guides to help make your riding experience easy and fun. 

“Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine can lower your risk of heart disease. Swapping your car for a bike can be an easy way of ensuring you meet the physical activity guidelines as a part of your daily life, ” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

Find out more about the Heart Foundation campaign here

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