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How’s Dad doing? Does he need cheering up or some extra motivation?

bike rider cycling up hill in the sunset

For Dads who are used to the gym, playing sports, or heading out for a ride with friends, COVID-19 restrictions can be lonely.  Whilst riding alone or with one friend has been allowed, your Dad has probably ridden all the streets he can in his LGA and needs a motivation boost.

Things to Keep Dad Active

With the return schedule for mass participation events uncertain in NSW, there are a range of on-line alternatives you can sign Dad up to, to help inspire him to ride more.  Bicycle NSW lists virtual charity rides here where Dad can participate while riding in his local area. 

Or he could even ride on a trainer and essentially cycle all over the world, virtually, with friends, family or even ride against professionals. Things he’ll need: 

  • account (and subscription) to a virtual cycling program such as Zwift
  • smart trainer - an indoor cycling trainer that can link to your virtual cycling program and replicate riding on the ride such as elevation)
  • smart device - were the virtual cycling program can be run from and that can also link to your smart trainer)
  • water bottle
  • towel or fan - depending on the time of year
  • some music. 

There are opportunities to fundraise for charities, win prizes, participate as a family, or for riders to challenge each other. Just because he can’t ride far outside, doesn’t mean he’s limited in options.  

“This Fathers Day could be a great time to help your Dad find new motivation to ride his bike,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Until we can all ride together, digital events can help inspire us to stay active and healthy,” said Bastien.

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