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Bicycle NSW has advocated openly, and behind the scenes, for safety improvements for food delivery riders. Their issues reflect our Members every day concerns.

Food delivery rider in city traffic

Unsafe Conditions

All bike riders need safer infrastructure that reduces contact with motor vehicles and the risk of injuries.  But these workers are more likely to be riding at night, in the rain and in conditions people would rather avoid travelling in to get a take-away.

Dangerous Conditions For All Riders

Bicycle NSW deeply regrets it has taken a spate of fatalities for governments to pay attention, but pleased to contribute to the taskforce working on ways to improve safety.  We also recognise the hazards these workers face confront our Members every day and are the reason most people in NSW don’t feel safe to ride a bike.

“It’s never ok for government or private companies to allow all the risk to be forced onto vulnerable workers in order to do business,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“These riders hold a mirror up to the government, road designers, lawmakers and Police enforcement that fails to meet the needs of bike riders, and it’s high time this changed,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW calls on Transport Minister Andrew Constance, the Centre for Road Safety, Better Regulation Minister Kevin Anderson and the food delivery sector to commit to lowering the rates of injury and fatality on NSW roads for bike riders at the same rate, or better, than for motor vehicle drivers.

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