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Bike riders we need you to speak up and have your say whenever bike infrastructure is built that helps you.  Hint – all bike infrastructure helps reduce road and transport congestion, carbon pollution, health costs and saves the public purse – it all helps.

Opportunities To Share Your Thoughts

We share opportunities to ‘have your say’ on bike facilities and proposals across NSW, and we need you – so speak up.  Don’t be a ‘quiet Australian’ because if you are a handful of trolls, car parking addicts and anti-bike advocates will dominate the media, council surveys and meetings.  They will drown out your needs, and leave the impression that nobody supports bike riding.

 Thousands of you voiced your concerns over the threat the Sydney Airport expansion posed to cycling connections, and to the dangerous multi-stage crossing at the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange – and you won! These multi-billion dollar projects were changed because enough of you made your needs known.

 Pop-up cycleways and low speed zones developed in response to COVID-19 are up for review in the City of Sydney.  If you want to keep them, please speak up. Across NSW bike plans, shared paths and cycleways need your support.

Examples Of Things To Comment

You don’t need to write a full submission, just follow the link to complete the questions and share what the cycleway means to your ride.  You could even develop a standard answer and drop it in.  Each submission is one more vote for bike riding. For example:

  •  ‘Thank you for this temporary cycleway, please retain it and complete the rest of the bike plan so I can get to work safely…’
  • ‘I support this cycleway, please keep it because it helps my workers make their deliveries safely…’
  • ‘Please keep this cycleway and build more, because more bike riding means less pollution, and that protects the planet for my family’s future…’

 Bicycle NSW can write submissions, but for local projects your voices can be more important. With Council elections looming it’s important that staff, elected Councillors and candidates know how many locals support safe cycling.

 “This is a ‘numbers game’ so when the opportunities arise, have your say and get your friends and families involved,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

 “Show local and State governments that far more people support safe cycling, community health and less pollution than they thought,” said Bastien.

 We encourage you to follow the links to current opportunities.

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