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Reducing carbon emissions is a vital part of ensuring the future of our planet.  We can help slow climate change by minimising our carbon footprint. This will improve public health and support the planet’s biodiversity.

Transport makes a significant contribution to the carbon emissions being released into our atmosphere. By decarbonising our transport, we can all help to make the planet greener and healthier.  One of the best ways to do that is to increase the adoption of e-bikes. The Bike Storage Company reports how cycling or walking for journeys of 5 miles or less could save 68 MtCO2e in car emissions.

Best E-Bike Routes Duroby Loop

E-bike revolution

Electric bikes have surged in popularity. They’re a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and an effective form of transport. E-bikes are also kinder to the landscape and easier to charge and maintain than electric-powered vehicles.

Recently, people have also discovered how electric bikes can open up the world of leisure cycling to a whole new community. Here are four of the best routes in NSW for e-bikes. They provide great cycling opportunities for families and adventure seekers.

1. Duroby loop (road, 39km, hilly)

This scenic loop takes you from the banks of the Tweed River through Bilambil and Duroby and back again. There are three hills to test your e-bike on as you pass through the pleasant scenery.

Be on the lookout for wildlife as you pass along the leafy banks of the Tweed Estuary before following the river’s course to the coast. The beautiful Fingal Head beach offers a welcome place to rest and refresh at the end of the ride.

2. Tea Gardens (road, 56km, flat)

At 56km long, this route may seem a little long for the casual rider. But with an e-bike, the distance is a lot easier to handle. This stunning cycle gives you the opportunity to discover the beautiful coastline from Hawks Nest to Mungo Brush before heading inland alongside the Myall River.

The route offers a good variety of surfaces with a mixture of flat and fast sealed roads and more wild gravel tracks. The route uses the Gibber Road cycling trail which winds its way between Myall Lakes and the coastline.

There are plenty of good picnic and swimming spots not far from the path. Many people choose to spend the day cycling around the stunning area and stopping to take in the natural environment.

E-Bike Best Routes Tea Gardens

3. Walls of China (dirt, 19km, flat)

The Walls of China in the Mungo National Park make for a  spectacular ride. The trail starts at the walls before heading out over the ancient lake bed. It’s not a trail you’re going to want to whizz along. There are many stopping-off points that contain information about the national park and the Walls of China. The Mungo Visitor Centre along the trail is a great place to learn about the ecology of the area.

The route extends beyond the lake and heads towards a picnic site and through more of the park’s stunning landscape before rejoining the walls. The ride itself is pretty easy and flat, but the dirt trail makes it unsuitable for road bikes.

4. Budderoo track (dirt, 25km, undulating)

This trail is one for nature-loving cyclists or even just those who love to roll past beautiful scenery. Starting at the intersection between Jamberoo Mountain Road and Budderoo Plateau Road, the route follows a dirt track through Budderoo and across Kings Creek.

The route is challenging on a standard pedal bike, but with an e-bike, you will have the opportunity to take in the stunning scenery as you travel through the scenic western ridge of the Budderoo National Park.

The wildflowers are abundant and play host to some of the area's most interesting wildlife. Those interested in the local fauna should plan to pause along the trail in the hope of catching a glimpse of a swamp wallaby.

A trip to the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre is a great conclusion to the ride and helps to bring you closer to the beautiful surrounding area.

Article by Ross Hansen

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