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We invite Bicycle NSW Members to make comments and suggestions to the Future Transport 2056 Plan before December 3. The specific bicycle plans can be seen on page 72 - 76 of the Services Infrastructure Plans - images are below.

We have seen many good plans for bicycles in Sydney and NSW, including Sydney's Cycling Future (2013) and the NSW Bike Plan (2010).  If these had been implemented, then we would be well on the way to an adequate bicycle network.

What is really needed is a solid commitment to fund and implement the bicycle plans.  Bicycle NSW calls on the NSW Government to:

  • budget $30 per person per annum for bicycle infrastructure.  This is a recognised best practice level, and would represent only 2% of the total State transport infrastructure budget.  The present bicycle infrastructure funding is less than $6 per head.  This is one reason why cycling participation in NSW has decreased.
  • bring forward the Committed (0-10 years) work (Fig 38) to be completed within 5 years.
  • bring forward the For Investigation (0 - 10 years) initiatives (Fig 39) to be committed and completed within 5 years.
  • bring forward the For Investigation (10 -20 years) initiatives to be complete within 10 years.
  • set bicycle mode share targets, and monitor progress and report on this.  TfNSW/RMS executive KPIs should be set on these.

As a serious transport project, it requires a properly funded delivery authority. It is only by getting serious about Active Transport that the NSW Government can achieve these Plans and create a better Sydney and NSW.

We really want to see these amendments made to ensure cyclists are continually considered, and that enough resources are allocated to deliver additional, high quality infrastructure to all bicycle riders in NSW. We encourage all members to give their feedback and ideas, supporting our efforts to the delivery of a proactive strategic future transport plan in 2018.

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