Get Appy!

09 November 2016

No matter where you are in NSW or Australia, you can make a difference while out on your bike!

Check out these two apps that will let your own experiences shape riding for everyone else.

Want the most up to date cycling maps?

Have you ever mapped out your ride and headed out for a lovely day on the bike? Only to find that the route you are following has changed?

The team at TripGo can help you.  Their app is one of the leading route planning apps in the market.

In order to keep their maps up to date,  TripGo are seeking help from NSW’s bike rides. They source their maps from OpenStreetMap. It is like a Wikipedia for maps!

If you find a change to a cycling route when you are out riding, you can login to OpenStreetMap and let them know.

This update will be used by TripGo to update their app.

To hear about how TripGo uses OpenStreetMap and their relationship with Transport for NSW, click here.

So next time you are out on the bike, you will have all the information to get you where you are going.

Together we can build better tools for the entire bike riding community!

Snap Send and Solve nasty hazards!

We’ve all seen nasty potholes, fallen branches and other hazards on paths and roads that can be very dangerous to bike riders.

If you see something (and it is safe for you to stop)  why not take a picture and report it?

Snap Send Solve is already Australia’s most used mobile incident reporting app and continues to empower constituents by giving them a solution to report on their terms – no queues, no forms and no need to know in advance who to contact.

The app gives you access to over 600 Australian & New Zealand Authorities.

To view more information about this service, click here.