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If you want things to change for bike riding where you live, we recommend you contact your local member of the NSW State Parliament, or candidates seeking election.  They actually like hearing what is important to you.

You can find your MP and their contact details here, or look out locally for other candidates seeking election.

To raise your issues ahead of the election on March 23rd you can ask for an appointment, send a letter or get in touch via social media.  Why not ask for a commitment to deliver what’s most important to you?

To help you we have:

  • Hashtags for your social media
  • An infographic of the policy priorities of Bicycle NSW that you can use or share to open a conversation
  • A template letter for you to use and tailor to the issues most important to you and your community
  • A resource focussed on the needs of under 16’s

Promises from MP’s are bike-riding gold.  If you receive a promise to deliver things for bike riding, and the member or candidate is successfully elected, there are funds put aside to deliver - be sure to share it with us. 

Live Briefing

Bicycle NSW is offering a briefing to help you get a meeting and make sure it goes smoothly

We will cover:

  • how to get a meeting if your MP or candidates are shy
  • the resources we have developed to help you
  • how to prepare your ‘ask’ related to local issues
  • what getting a promise from an MP or candidate can mean for you if they are successful
  • how to use social media and hashtags to highlight local issues
  • why sharing meeting outcomes can help you get even more of what you need
  • making sure promises become reality

Watch our live briefing from January 24 below

Social Media

MP’s and candidates usually have Facebook and Twitter accounts to help you get in touch with them and voice your concerns.  Searching for their name on Twitter or Facebook will give you their handle.

Why not share a picture of the place you want a bike path, crossing or a solution to dangerous infrastructure for bike riding?  

Or even draw them a picture of the cycling route you want to your school or local sporting field?  Ask them to promise to get it done.

Please tag us in by using @BicycleNSW and #FixMyBikePath2019 #VoteBike2019


Please feel free to use our infographic in meetings, to post or share it.

Template Letter

To make this letter your own, add or subtract in order to:

  • Ask for what you need that an MP or candidate can deliver
  • Share what concerns you most.  Is it infrastructure? Getting bikes on trains? More police enforcement of road safety? Driver education? Lower speeds in your town or suburb?
  • Ask the questions you want answered
  • Share an image of the problem if you have one
  • Ask your candidate to promise to deliver what you need if they get elected

Under 16’s

The issues for under 16’s and their parents can be a bit different. Under 16’s are able to ride on footpaths instead of the road but for many children and families there are still a lot of barriers to being able to ride safely to school, the park, friend's places and all the places you want to go.

Children can’t vote, but their issues matter to everyone – from traffic congestion and safe school zones to pollution and inactivity.  We encourage families to highlight issues that matter to your children.

Why not use their photos and drawings to make a point about safer paths, being active or riding to reduce traffic and pollution? A social media message with a great drawing can cut through in a world full of words.

Does Your Community Need a Rail Trail?

By converting some of the of the 3,100 km disused regional rail routes into rail trails, NSW could create world class, environmentally-friendly tourism assets, and new industries that revitalise communities.

Regional NSW is missing out on the opportunities that rail-trails and off-road cycling facilities bring communities. These historic routes can be readily converted into safe, separated and scenic shared pathways, preserving transport corridors as public assets for the future.

Developing rail trails provides opportunities for local people to participate in sport and active recreation including cycling, walking and horse riding.  These routes attract visitors and provide new tourism opportunities generating jobs and new industries that help diversify and sustain jobs in rural and regional communities.

Importantly rail trails make the natural environment accessible for people using prams and wheelchairs and are more inclusive for families and the elderly. Click here for more information about potential rail trails in your area or check out

Why not tell your local MP or candidate about the rail trail your community needs developed?