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You’ve stumbled across this page because either;

a) You want to liven up your cycling routine

b) You want to get active on the weekend, but the gym is not your thing

c) You want to make good use of the last couple of weeks of Summer

The answer is ( as strongly ( and enthusiastically) advised by the Spice girls)- Spice. Up. Your. Life!

Turn a seemingly mundane bike ride into a fun-filled adventure. Don’t waste your last weeks of Summer sitting at home. Get fit while having a great time!

Down below are some awesome ideas for a Summer ride!

1. Beach ride

We are so lucky in Australia that we are in no shortage of beaches, which makes it the perfect opportunity to go on a beach ride. Hot summer days call for a cool, sea-breeze and a post-ride dip in the rejuvenating, salty waters that brace Australian shores. So, pop all your beach essentials in your backpack ( especially sunscreen and water) and get down to your local beach this summer!


2. Picnic ride

Need a fun but easy date idea? Want to add a bit more fun to your family outings?

Pack your picnic basket with scrumptious snacks and ride down to your local park for a peaceful lunch. Many say that food and cycling go hand in hand, which is a difficult pairing to fault, especially when a tasty meal perfectly compliments a summer bike ride. So, why not dabble in some culinary bike riding by treating your partner, family or friends to a delicious ending to a Summer bike ride?

Tip: Remember to pack your food in sturdy containers to prevent any spills or from your food getting crushed.

3. National Park Ride

Lush vegetation and acres upon acres of land to explore; a ride in your local National Park is sure to get your inner adventurer excited. Most national parks host numerous bike paths which keep the plants safe from bike tires while allowing you to see the beauty of the National Park. These are gems in the summer as tall tree cover protects you from the harsh sun, allowing you to get on with your fun-filled Summer biking adventures.

4. Evening bike ride

There is something special about Summer evening rides. Whether it is mesmerising views of the pink and yellow swirls in the sunset sky or the warmth of the evening rays- evening bike rides are simply the best! Daylight savings is your new best friend for those who work late and still want to get out and active. It’s relaxing ending to a stressful day or a great way to ride a bike in the Summer sun without the harsh rays which are out during the day.

5. Go for a ride with your kids

Make use of the great weather to get your kids on a bike and riding around this Summer. Organise a weekend ride or go for a ride after school! This way you’re getting your kids off their devices and while spending some quality family time together. Score!

You can even plan to ride with them in Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl (Sunday, March 11) as kids ride absolutely free -

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