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After giving up work, David’s friend offered him a spare bike and the riding adventures began. “Six months later, I went and bought my own bike, which I’m still riding on today,” David told us.


He joined his local group, and rides with them two days a week throughout the Albury area. “There are a lot of people who ride in Albury and Wodonga and you can find any group you need - slow, quick, scenic. Every group a bike rider could need. On a Wednesday, my wife and I, along with a few others, do an easy ride on the bike paths.”

However like much of NSW, there is connectivity issues between the paths.  For David, as many of his rides cross the NSW/Victorian border, these issues are even more noticeable. This is why some basic etiquette applies when riding with others.

“We talk to each other when riding in the group. That’s how we keep each other safe. Make sure to indicate, make sure you ride single or two abreast depending on the environment. Riding as a group makes everyone feel more at ease and makes us be visible,” commented David. “Having the group there means I ride a lot more too. On the days I don’t feel like riding, they’re waiting for me, so off I go. You feel terrific when you get back.”

David has been riding for around 5 years now but; he lost 8 kilos in his first 3 months on the bike, a great health achievement. “The fitness side of bike riding is just amazing. I lost a few kilos when I started riding and have never put it back on. One of the guys I ride with, who is a doctor, says that the circulation of your air and blood that bike riding creates, is very good for the body. When you ride, you feel so much better.”

Getting out and active on your bike can bring many social and health benefits, just like it did for David.

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