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The most popular question at Bicycle NSW over the last few weeks has been "When can we return to group rides?".

The health orders have changed again and for people who are vaccinated, the good news is you can return to group rides so long as the group isn’t more than 20 people.  You are not allowed to enter the Greater Sydney Area if you live outside it, or to leave - if you live within it.  The Central Coast has also been returned to the Greater Sydney Area.

Family of four cycling

Hospitality Venues

For riders and BUGs looking to plan a social meal or coffee to re-connect, hospitality venues are also limited to group bookings of no more than 20.  Venues will also need you to check in, and to see evidence of your vaccination to admit you. So whilst the Service NSW app isn’t quite ready to integrate this yet, don’t forget to download evidence of vaccination to show.

For our riders who have been missing their training sessions at the pool, or taking the children to swimming lessons, these are allowed again at indoor pools too, if you are vaccinated.  Holidays are allowed again if you are vaccinated, though the restrictions on travelling to or from Greater Sydney still apply. This could still enable many to enjoy a nice break and the opportunity to enjoy new rides.


Mask requirements remain in place for some indoor venues, and for public transport, so if your journey involves taking your bike on the train don’t forget to pack one.  We are pleased to see more normal riding begin again, and Buncheur is now up and running again to help BUGs organise group rides for up to 20 vaccinated members.  Ride Leaders will need to see your certificate, but you don’t have to send it to anyone.  However if stopped by police on your ride, you can be asked to show it - so it is worth packing a copy.

Bicycle NSW thanks our members and all of the riders in NSW for your efforts to get to this point. We wish you a safe and happy ride.

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