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To change the riding environment for bike riders we need wider community support. Join us to advocate for better conditions.

For Bike Week 2019 we need your help to make NSW better for bike riding. Bike riding doesn’t often get a fair go in the mainstream press, can you help us reach a wider audience to build support for your ride?

Grandfather and grandson high five for better bike riding

Share our content with at least one other person and encourage them to check out our website. Please subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

There’s something for everyone when you’re sharing with friends. Content includes learning to ride, bike safety checks and e-bikes, to events. Read stories of adventure, inclusion and laws related to bike riding.  

Finding our content on the topic you’re looking for is as easy as opening a web browser.  Just type “Bicycle NSW and inclusion” (or whatever word you’re looking for). There’s a guide here to help you find what you need.

If you haven’t checked out our Instagram yet we run photo competition every month, share great images, and we produce infographics that help summarise key facts and data visually.  This can be a great resource for school projects or to support you in arguing for end of trip facilities at work or settling an argument at your next social function.

Help us pedal harder for you by reaching more people to enlist their support for bike riding.

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