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Lane Cove Council wants to develop bike paths to improve rider safety and provide connections to enable people to complete their journeys by bike.

Investing in developing these connections responds to community concerns about the safety of riding a bike in the area.  Key routes, such as the one proposed along the Pacific Highway offer an off-road alternative for people riding bikes.


Providing less confident riders with a safe cycling infrastructure also offers an alternative to the increasing levels of congestion on roads and public transport. Developing connections to key transport hubs also enables people to connect their journeys without needing to use a motor vehicle

Many car journeys are less than 5km.  If people are able to choose a safe bike ride for these short trips, it can help reduce congestion pressures for people who need to drive or use public transport.

The proposal has been developed following a consultation with residents, and Lane Cove Council will provide opportunities for feedback later this year.

“It’s encouraging to see this council planning infrastructure for journeys by bike,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“When people are offered alternatives like this, it changes traveling behaviour, benefiting communities through reducing traffic, noise and pollution, as well as encouraging people to use local shops,” said Bastien.

Now is the perfect time to raise your voice if you want your council to develop safe cycling infrastructure similar to the Lane Cove Council proposal.  Across NSW Councils are setting their budgets and asking local residents to provide feedback. Why not check out their website and ask for what you need?

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