Choosing your Bicycle

The most important question to ask when choosing a bike is:

what style of riding do I want to do?

To find out more about each style of riding and what types of bikes are available to suit each style, select from the different riding styles below.

All-Weather Riding


Some people only ride their bicycle on sunny days and take another form of transport when the weather turns nasty.  These “fair-weather cyclists” don’t need any special equipment, however, all-weather bike riders need to be prepared for anything.

Some all-weather riders will ignore the rain and just grit their teeth and get on with it, but many will fit their bike with mud guards and make sure that their pannier bags and bicycle clothing are water-proof.

dutch – touring – utility

Carrying a Load


There are a number of different reasons why you may want to carry things on your bike.   You may want to bring clothes to work.  You may want to do your weekly shopping by bike.  You may want to holiday by bicycle and carry your luggage with you.  You may want to take small children out to experience the joys of cycling, but they are too young to ride their own bike.  You may even want to move house by bike!

cargo – dutch – electric – tandem – touring – utility



You can use whatever bike you like to commute!  The best thing you can do is give it a go and make adjustments to your setup as you go.  You may even find that combining a bicycle trip with a train, bus or ferry trip is just the thing to get you where you need to go.  This “multi-modal” commuting is all the rage in europe and makes it possible for people to travel long distances to work without needing a car.

If you are looking to purchase a new bike for your daily commute, then there are many factors you may choose to consider.  You may even find that one bicycle is suitable for certain weather conditions or when you need to take clothes to the office and another bicycle is suitable for sunny days when you want to ride fast and lean.

carry – weather – speed

Expressing Yourself


Bicycle culture is experiencing an explosion in the “Cycle Chic” movement, a term that was first coined by the Copenhagen Cycle Chic website.  Various websites and events have jumped on-board the concept which recognises the elegance and beauty of the bicycle and celebrates the people who ride them through photography.

It has never been so easy to express yourself through bicycle culture.  Whether you are a fashion afishionado, a high-class hipster or just someone who likes to add your own personal touch to your ride, there are many ways to explore your creative side through bicycles.

By customising your bicycle, your choice of transport can blend seamlessly with your choice of fashion to create a stylish package which also communicates your values as a healthy, active, socially-conscious person.  Choosing your bicycle is only the beginning of the opportunities for self-expression due to the huge variety of accessories available for both the rider and the bicycle.

After you’ve accessorised your bike, the next task is to match your look to your bike.  If you own a classic bicycle such as a Dutch Bike, then why not complement the classic machine with vintage clothing and accessories.  If you own a Fixie, then why not complement the deep-rim bling with some fashion bling.  If you own a BMX, then why not complement your low rider with some low-rider jeans!

bmx – dutch – fixie

Niche Bicycles


The bicycle has inspired countless inventors and designers to explore their imaginations and to test the limits of physics in their quest for the perfect bicycle. While some of these inventions have been uncomfortable, impractical or even down-right dangerous, a few designs have created their own niche markets.

hand – recumbent – tandem

Racing & Triathlon


Since 1868, when the first bicycle race was held at the Parc de Saint-Cloud, Paris, bicycle races have been an essential part of bicycle culture.  As the bicycle evolved and many different Bike Types were created, many different forms of racing evolved.

bmx – downhill – road – track – trail – tt

Riding Over Rough Terrain


The bicycle industry sells a huge variety of mountain-bikes to suit every different type of trail you may ride. This provides a huge selection of bikes, but at the end of the day, you won’t need a different bike for every trail you ride unless you have a lot of money to burn.

bmx – downhill – trail

Speed & Efficiency


Just because you don’t race, it doesn’t mean you can’t ride the quickest bike available. A bike that is optimised for speed and efficiency will allow you to ride longer, harder and over hills that you never thought possible.

The key things that improve the speed and efficiency of a bike are:

– the weight of the bike.
– the stiffness of the frame.
– the rolling resistance/weight of the wheels and tyres.