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International Mountain Day occurs every year on the 11th of December. 

Mountain biking

International Mountain day is about highlighting the value that mountains bring to human life. This includes the opportunities and dangers of infrastructure development on mountains, as well as supporting alliances that bring beneficial change to those that live on mountains.

Here at Bicycle NSW we are proud to support all bike riders. Increasingly, our membership is being made up of mountain bike riders, which is no surprise as the mountain bike infrastructure continues to grow statewide. Below is a summary of some of our best picks for this exciting kind of riding:


Lithgow is an incredibly diverse destination for mountain biking and we were excited to cover the council-led proposed development of Hassan’s Walls back in April. Lithgow has a wide variety of options for trails, all the way from competition trails to peaceful wandering fire-trails.

As the region is so large, it is important to keep in mind that it encompasses a variety of different land zones. Between these zones, rules around mountain biking may vary and Lithgow council recommends checking planned routes in advance on their website.

As for specific places, the downhill ride at Hassan’s Walls Reserve is very popular, as is the Lidsdale State forest cross-country path.


Dungog is an underappreciated gem in the mountain-biking world, perhaps due to its distance from Sydney (with reasonable traffic, you’re looking at around 2 hours and 40 minutes from the CBD). The Dungog Common is a 650 acre patch of land located on the western fringe of Dungog. Featuring over 22km of tracks, it boasts a custom-designed fun track and over 2km of flow track.

Tracks are extensively documented on the Dungog Common website and clearly graded into easy, intermediate and difficult.


Closer to Sydney, Bare Creek is a relatively new addition to NSW’s mountain-biking lineup. The park is home to nearly 2km of downhill trails, flow trails, skills, dirt jumps, and pump tracks.

For those who prefer a more sedate pace, there is also a litany of walking trails and all the comfort amenities one expects from a state-of-the-art facility: toilets, drinking fountains, and bicycle maintenance stations. 

Remember to use appropriate protective gear when doing any kind of riding. For extra safety, we recommend becoming a Bicycle NSW member to access the best insurance available to recreational riders in NSW!

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