BUG Benefits

Advice, Training and Support

Affiliated groups become part of the Bicycle NSW team and work together with us to create a better environment for cycling.

Affiliated groups also receive:

  • Special Ride Leader Training courses for your members (only Bicycle NSW members are eligible).
  • Advice and support on activities your group undertakes.

Insurance for Affiliates

To encourage groups and individuals to run community events that are essential for creating a better environment for cycling, Bicycle NSW provides an affiliation program. Affiliated groups receive the benefit of being covered under Bicycle NSW’s Public Liability policy. This extends $20,000,000 liability insurance to the affiliated group whilst offering sanctioned activities as defined during the affiliation process.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Currency in the name of your group simply request one from Bicycle NSW by emailing advocacy@bicyclensw.org.au.

Further, ride leaders who have been trained by Bicycle NSW through our Ride Leader Training Program are covered for $20,000,000 liability and $1,000,000 professional indemnity whilst acting on behalf of their respective group.

Please be aware that these insurances do not cover group members. To ensure that group members have coverage for themselves, it is highly recommended that all group members are current Bicycle NSW Members.  Click here to join Bicycle NSW.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of groups that are involved in bike riding in NSW.  Many of these groups are informal and fulfill their goals without the need for too much “red tape”, however, there are many groups who seek a more legitimate role as an organisation.

For organisations that are keen to influence public policy, run regular rides or operate in a more official capacity as an “association”, affiliation with Bicycle NSW is a great idea.  By becoming incorporated with the Dept. of Fair Trading and affiliated with Bicycle NSW, your organisation will gain:

  • The legal protection for individuals that comes with incorporation.
  • Use of the Bicycle NSW logo to indicate your affiliation with Bicycle NSW.
  • Representation on the Bicycle NSW Council.

Online Presence

Bicycle NSW is engaged in a variety of social media and website activities that ensure that our members and others in our network are informed of the latest news in the bicycle world.  Groups who are affiliated with Bicycle NSW become part of our online network and can take advantage of the work that we are doing on our websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more to promote their activites. 

Affiliated groups are listed on the Bicycle NSW web site and are provided with the following benefits:

  • Your group will be given its own page on the Bicycle NSW web site that can be administered by you.
  • Your events will be promoted through the Bicycle NSW web site (your events must be maintained by you).
  • Stories/articles can be sent to our online magazine for inclusion.
  • Your page will be able to subscribe to Bicycle NSW news that affects the Local Government Areas where the group operates.