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Lake Macquarie Council have released their draft Walking, Cycling and Better Streets Strategy which outlines their process to achieve safer and more convenient streets for all road users.

Current Bike Network

Currently the council has 105km of traffic separate cycling infrastructure and seeks to increase this to 254km as part of their Principle Bike Network (PBN). This network will connect schools, shops, entertainment and working facilities, parks and scenic attractions to ensure their venues are accessible via bikes. 

New Network

The success of the Fernleigh Track has continued to highlight the need for safe off road infrastructure for bike riders within the council. 

This new network aims to link into the other local council infrastructure to ensure there is connectivity across council borders. 

Key design preferences for their proposed PBN include: 

  • Low-stress, family-safe (infrastructure that separates people from traffic, or shared streets with low traffic speeds and volumes) 
  • On-road provisions for faster more confident cyclists
  • Direct and convenient 
  • Right of way priority where safe and possible
  • Feels safe, benefits from passive surveillance 
  • Leafy and shaded
  • Design respects location, environment and heritage 
  • Meets accessibility standards where paths are also catering to non-bicycle users

The strategy goes on to discuss the streetscapes needed in different areas of the council in order to provide safe, accessible and convenient access for all road users (bike riders, wheelchair users, pedestrians, motor vehicles etc.). 

“It’s fantastic to see local councils planning for their future and meeting their community’s active transport needs. We are looking forward to seeing the full 254km delivered,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

The consultation period closes on March 30. We encourage all bike riders living or who travel through this area to provide feedback on the strategy here

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