Take action – make your local area a better environment for bike riding

15 November 2016

The City of Parramatta is working to build a new Bike plan for their local area. They are asking the community to give them feedback to feed directly into their plan and information about any potential new / improved cycle routes.  If you want this to happen - let them know!

The survey provides an opportunity for all residents, business owners, workers and visitors to influence Parramatta’s future transport system to support a healthy, resilient, vibrant and sustainable city.

This survey focuses on cycling, and they are keen to hear from all of the community, especially if you are interested but do not currently ride for any reason.

If you are a local businesses, they would love to hear how cycling can assist you, for both your staff and for your business.

There are three parts to this process, the Survey, a Community Workshop and an Online Mapping Tool (see links below), which will be available for four weeks, between 14th November and 11th of December.

There will be a community workshop in Parramatta, at Town Hall, 6-8pm, on the 7th December - light refreshments will be provided and all participants will receive a $50 Coles/Myer gift card as a thank you for your time - please see here for details and to register.

There is also an online mapping platform, where you can map bike related issues in specific locations in Parramatta.

Please feel free to share this survey with your family, friends and colleagues.