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The Tricycle Solution

After suffering a stroke 10 years ago, Marta and her husband, Paul, made it their mission  to find a solution that would ensure she could keep active, get outside and enjoy the things that she loved to do.

Marta’s major stroke resulted in expressive dysphasia, right side deficits and poor balance and concentration, making it very hard for her to ride a bike.

Mature female riding a trike

Through her Occupational Therapist, they heard about Freedom Wheels and shortly Marta was trialing an adult trike. With the goal of finding a riding option offering speed and support, Marta decided on the Body Cycle’s Electric Tricycle. 

“I wanted something a bit more exciting, so it was definitely the one for me,” said Marta.

“Marta has freedom. I was so excited to see her riding again. Before she started riding and training, she was always in bed but now she’s active, physical and happy,” said Paul.

With Marta’s new love for her bike, she rides with her husband down to the local park or shops, spending more quality time together.

“We get so many comments from people on the street about Marta’s trike. We will always recommend Freedom Wheels,” said Paul. 

Freedom Wheels builds bikes for anyone living with a disability, who can't ride standard bikes. You can find out more about their amazing work and their bikes here.

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