Meet the Member – Laura Cunningham – #whyiride

19 December 2016

Laura Cunningham on her bikeName: Laura Cunningham

Age: age is just a number

Lives: Mosman NSW

Bicycle NSW Member since: 2010

How often do you ride? Three to four times a week on average

Tell us about why you ride a bike? Do you ride with a group, with friends, on your own?
I ride for fitness and friendship, and a bit of adventure on the side. I also have a mountain bike. I have a wonderful cycle group composed of women all over 60 and we laughingly call ourselves the Cycling Goddesses. I also try to ride with Bike North at least once or twice a week, and have travelled to Victoria, SA, Alice Springs and New Zealand to ride their fabulous rail trails. I’ve also hired bikes in California, Italy, France, Poland and Mexico and even at Uluru, which makes discovering new places so much more fun. I’d like to cycle in Cuba next year.

What is the best thing about your Bicycle NSW membership?
Being covered by insurance is important to me. And I like the fact that Bicycle NSW is constantly advocating for improvements for cyclists in NSW. It’s nice to have a collective voice.

Can you share with us a time you have used your membership? Eg bike rider’s insurance, legal assistance, retail discounts, come to our events?
I have enjoyed the annual spring cycle event and hope to take place in the Gear up Girl event next year as I’ve been away every year until now!

What would you say to someone who is considering getting back on the bike or taking up bike riding?
Cycling is such a great way to get around; it allows you to soak up so much of the sights and sounds of a place. And there’s the added bonus of a bit of fitness. My husband and I had fold up bikes we carried around in a light aeroplane so I’ve cycled in many towns around Australia, and enjoyed every moment.

If you would like to share your story and tell us why you ride with Bicycle NSW, please email us at