Membership Referral Program

We greatly appreciate the support of our Members, and want to thank them for helping us continue to grow across the State. So, attention members...

Give $10 and Save $10 by referring a friend to join Bicycle NSW today!

Members log in to their Account and land on the Bicycle NSW Membership Referral Program page, where they will be provided with a unique referral code to pass on to their friends. This code can be used by friends at the checkout page when signing up for a Bicycle NSW membership, giving a $10 discount off the pro-rata price. Below is an image which shows what your account page will look like, including where to find the referral code.

A record is kept for each member referral, and a $10 discount is applied to their next renewal for each referral made. Members can make up to 10 discounted referrals per year, meaning they can save up to $100 off their next
membership renewal!

GIVE $10

Refer a friend to join
the Bicycle NSW family and
give them a $10 discount
when signing-up.


SAVE $10

Earn a $10 discount off
your next Membership renewal
for each friend you refer.
You can save up to $100!


The opportunity to earn a $10 discount on your next membership renewal by referring a friend ends on Friday, 26 April 2019.