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As the largest inland city in NSW, Wagga Wagga is planning for their future. With a population expected to grow beyond 80,000 by 2036, Wagga Wagga established a new integrated cycling transport plan to help keep the city moving. 

Recently, the 45km Levee Link, was officially opened by the local community. It's first section of the new Wagga Wagga Commuter Cycle Network to be completed. Over 200 residents attended the event and enjoyed the new cycling route in their city.

Building The Wagga Wagga Cycle Network

With 94% of households owning a vehicle, City of Wagga Wagga knew they had an uphill battle to convert people to walking and bike riding instead. However, with 70% of residents saying they would ride for transport if it was safer and with the number of bikes sold increasing by 17% between 2007 and 2013, something needed to change. 

$11.7 million was announced by the NSW Government towards implementing Wagga Wagga’s five strategic cycling routes. With another $1.45 million from the council, a total of $12.8 million investment is going towards active transport in Wagga Wagga. 

“Council is committed to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle,” said City of Wagga Wagga Councillor, Greg Conkey OAM.

“A facility such as the cycling network will add to the liveability and accessibility of our city. I can see so many people benefiting from this cycle network – local residents and visitors alike – it’s a fantastic initiative which is a great addition to the city.”

Pockets of great bike riding infrastructure exist across NSW. Bicycle NSW would like to see a commitment from the NSW Government and more councils to invest and support bike riding.

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