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Tamworth’s Mountain Bike Park is thriving with the local council estimating a two- to three-fold increase in visitors. With the completion of the Forest Road Cycle Path nearing, it’s expected that these numbers will continue to increase.

Jeff Benson from the Tamworth Mountain Bike Park, Mayor Col Murray and Kevin Anderson MP.

With a budget of $593,533, the Forest Road project features a new cycle path from Monteray Street to the Tamworth Mountain Bike Park, road widening and drainage of the north side of the Reeves Bridge, pedestrian refuges and road crossing, guard rail and flashing warning signs.  Solar lights will also be installed over the next couple of weeks to complete the project.

These new additions are welcomed by Tamworth Mountain Bike Park users, and will enable people to ride or walk to the Tamworth Mountain Bike Park on a safe path. All experience levels are welcome at the MTB Park and you can find maps and ride details here

“It’s great to see more bike riding infrastructure being built across our state. It’s been an uphill pedal but we’re finally starting to see the benefits of lots of hard work,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager. 

We recommend supporting the new infrastructure in Tamworth if you can. If you’re in the area, please go for a ride and share your experience with the local council by tagging them in on social media.

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