5 Ways A Bicycle Will Improve Your New Year’s Resolutions

13 January 2017

New Year, New You

2017 has finally arrived but you may already be struggling with those dream resolutions you’ve made. It’s a big ask to suddenly give up carbs or treat your body as a temple and most people don’t really know where to start. Luckily, we have a couple ideas to keep you committed to some of the more common New Year’s Resolutions with the help of a bicycle.

Resolution 1 – Lose Weight

A woman enjoying a bike ride

The cardinal new year’s goal for most people is to lose a bit of weight and to get your body into shape. Gym memberships are frequently purchased around the start of the year and then quickly neglected. Cycling is a easy way to fit a fun form of free exercise into your daily routine. It works all your major muscle groups, improves your stamina and can be as intense you make it. Even just going for one long weekend ride can make a huge impact on your long-term health. Summer is the perfect time of year to starting being out in the sunshine working up a sweat on your bike.

TIP: Already workout? Why not ride to and from your Gym or PT session for a great warm up and cool down benefit, and the most fun way to get to your workout!

Resolution 2 – Spend more time with family and friends

A happy bunch of riders going uphill

Finding quality time to socialise with people can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. If you’re aiming to make more time for people over the new year, getting a friend out on the bike can be a great way to branch out and spend some quality time riding and adventuring out on some of NSW’s most scenic cycleways. If you’re struggling to find mates who want to cycle, don’t worry! All throughout NSW are Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) filled with eager and active riders of all varieties who ride socially and always welcome new members.

TIP: Being a new rider can be daunting, try some great shared paths and cycle areas away from the roads to help get your friend’s confidence up!

Resolution 3 – Stop wasting time/ procrastinating! Or, build a routine…

A coffee and sandwich with an electric bike

The hardest part of a new year’s resolution is keeping your momentum going for the whole year. We can all struggle to stick with our goals. A great way to stick to cycling is by making it a part of your daily commute to or from work and working it into your everyday activities. Book in a weekly ride with friends or your local BUG so that they can drag you out on your bike and keep you on track for your new year’s goals. Our Push On Rides Calendar lists all the upcoming social rides happening across NSW.

TIP: To far to ride all the way to work? Then try riding just a bit of it and park your bike somewhere safe while you catch Public Transport the rest of the way!

Resolution 4 – Achieve something great – Try signing up for an event

Gear Up Girl riders cross the finish line

Many new year’s resolutions involve setting yourself a goal and then working to achieve it. But along the way, you can often find yourself reframing the goals by pushing back dates or making allowances for yourself. Sign up for an upcoming ride throughout the year so you can set yourself a challenge and give yourself opportunities to succeed. Push yourself to be up front with the riders in lycra, or take it at your own pace with some friends. If you want to get involved, Gear Up Girl is right around the corner and is on pace to be the world’s largest women’s community bike ride. If you think you’ll need a bit more time to get ready, Spring Cycle runs later in the year and offers you the only opportunity to ride on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, traffic free!

TIP: Bicycle NSW members get great discounts to cycling events all year round AND give you the peace of mind with the best worldwide comprehensive bike riders insurance!Join during our BikeSummer campaign to get 2 months membership free!

Resolution 5 – Learn something new, like how to take care of your bike

An animated gif of cleaning a bicycle
So many resolutions are about learning to take better care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually. But too often bike riders forget the little things, like taking proper care of their equipment. If you’re all about giving yourself some love this year, take a few minutes out of your day to give your bike some love too. Bicycle NSW is affiliated with an amazing group of bike shops that not only distribute the highest quality products but also offer discounted workshops for members on how to maintain your bike. Register today!

TIP: Spending time on learning a new skill and fixing your own bike is great for your mental health and your wallet!

No matter what your New Year’s Resolutions are, Bicycle NSW is here to help get more people riding bikes and create a better environment for cycling. You can join as a member and help us achieve these goals! Join in January or February using code BikeSummer to get 2 months off your joining fee.