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Ride NSW!

With thousands of places to ride across NSW how do you find the right route for you? As the peak body for bike riders in NSW, we wanted to make the discovery of new rides easier.  We have collated ride routes into a statewide map, that we hope will inspire more riding for all ages and

The Central West Cycle Trail is Open!

Last month, a group of volunteer bike riders celebrated finishing their task of riding and mapping out the Central West Cycle (CWC) Trail. The 400km CWC makes its way through the rolling landscape of woodlands and wheatlands of the Central West of NSW, the land of the indigenous Wiradjuri nation. Cornerstones of the trail include

5 Ideas To Entertain Your Kids With A Bike

School holidays are almost here! With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel options this year, we’ve got 5 ideas to entertain your kids with a bike. 1. Go For a Ride Bike riding can be a great way to get some fresh air and help the kids expel some energy. With many communities struggling right now,

Millions Approved For Bike Infrastructure In Wollongong

On Monday night, City of Wollongong Councillors unanimously supported a bright bike riding future for Wollongong by approving a $4 million budget and agreeing to exhibit the draft Cycling Plan 2030. Photo Credit Matt Loft Increase in Cycling Budget Over the next three years, the council will spend $1.8 million (including $875,000 from a government

Questions from MPs are Impossible to Ignore

Bicycle NSW and riders across the state can ask for change, but questions from MPs are impossible to ignore. A crucial part of the democratic process is that when MPs ask questions in Parliament they need to be answered, usually within 21 days. We have seen MPs raise issues and questions for bike riders in

Wollongong’s Cycling Future

Next Monday (June 29) the future of bike riding in Wollongong will be voted on by the local council. COVID-19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented time and there have been calls across the state for more infrastructure and support for bike riding.  Firstly, as a way to exercise when many gyms and sporting activities were

Sharing The Love Of Pop-Up Cycleways

As we see pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones established as part of COVID-19 measures, it’s important we share the love. Most bike riders know how strong objections can get to the removal of even one parking space to make riding safer.  Campaigns can involve ‘creative’ claims.  Suddenly a few lost car parks becomes hundreds,

COVID-Safe Online Learning For BUGs

As part of returning to sport and staying COVID-safe, Bicycle NSW has developed a resource for ride leaders, BUGs and members. Across Australia sports organisations are being asked to:       develop COVID-19 safety plans,       help participants practice good hygiene and stay safe,       prepare a response if a

SafeWork For Bike Riders

Our roads are workplaces for a range of people and now you can help make them safer for bike riders. Have you ever: tried to cycle past or through a construction site, only to be met with a dangerous hole or obstacle?  seen a worker on a bike forced onto a 3 lane motorway with

You Can Ride In Groups Up To 20 From Tomorrow

From tomorrow (June 13), groups of 20 will be allowed for non-contact training activities in NSW under the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.  Riding in groups of 10 has been allowed since May 15, but this further increase will be exciting information for many of our Bicycle User Groups. It is essential people still maintain 1.5m

Supporting NSW By Bike

Over the long weekend, it was as if a mass evacuation order had been given for Sydney. Excitingly, many of these people fleeing the confines of Sydney were heading out to see what NSW had to offer for bike riders.  Our #RideTheBush campaign encouraged riders to support regional NSW through drought, then bushfires. Now, we