Adventure Biking

In preparation for Bicycle NSW’s next photo competition theme “Adventure Biking”, it was time for something fresh…. A new route?  A mountain bike challenge? Or trying an e-bike? The latter won. School holidays, an Easter long weekend and the autumn weather beckoning, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Leaving behind the familiarity of the

Bike Rider Hit By Truck in Moore Park

Bicycle NSW wants to convey its well wishes to the rider who was hit this morning in Moore Park. The rider, believed to be in their 30s, was rushed to hospital this morning after being struck by a truck. The collision occurred when the rider was cycling along Anzac Parade around 8am this morning, when

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – Call For Action

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – You need to act now! The proposed F6 Extension Stage 1 presents the NSW Government with an excellent opportunity to provide high quality Active Transport (AT) infrastructure in the Kogarah to Arncliffe area.  While we doubt the overall long term effectiveness of more and more motorways, we must take advantage

Remembrance Ride 2019

“I wasn’t always a cyclist, in fact I’m pretty new,” and yet Sergeant Darren Wilkins will ride the 300km from Sydney to Canberra this weekend for the 2019 Remembrance Ride. Now in its 7th year, the NSW Police Legacy Remembrance Ride is about supporting NSW Police and their families in times of tragedy or need.   “Both

‘Tyred’ Of Punctures

In spite of expensive ‘puncture resistant tyres’, regular ‘pinch-flats’ from potholes were ruining my ride – so I gave solid tyres a go. I ride a bike regularly to get places, usually on journeys of 2-10km, often with panniers full of shopping, work or sports equipment.  Sadly most of the road-shoulders and bike lanes I

Understanding the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review

Last Thursday evening representatives of Bicycle NSW and the Newcastle Cycleways Movement attended the National Road Transport Association meeting at Gilbert & Roach in Hexham, to better understand the issues behind the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review. Bicycle NSW has encouraged bike riders, pedestrians, motorbike riders and horse riders to contribute to the Heavy Vehicle

The Power of Cargo

Pedalling around her local area on her cargo bike, one would think Louise had been doing this her whole life. Yet, it was not until her children were born that her venture into cargo bikes began.    “I rode before I had kids, I did some big tours with a friend in Tassie and by

Help Change the Law

You can help make national heavy vehicle law safer for everyone. Part of our heavy vehicle campaign includes changing the law to help improve road safety.  The current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is up for review and you can help change it for the better. You have until Friday 31 May, 2019 to provide

Leading Road Safety Conversations

Bicycle NSW creates and shares content on road safety topics, but sometimes social media comment goes ‘off the rails’. Part of our mission to ‘create a better environment for all bike riders’ includes improving road safety and road sharing.  We do this by creating and sharing content that: informs road users of the law –

Heavy Vehicles Looking After Their Community

Last week, Bicycle NSW launched our campaign calling for safer heavy vehicle standards as a direct result of the serious injuries and deaths that had occurred to vulnerable road users. We know that truck drivers do not want to harm or kill people, and over the coming weeks we will be highlight companies who have