Pedalling for Prevention

Did you know bike riding can help prevent infection? When a member asked us for an article on vaccination, and a reminder to stay up to date with shots, we turned up some surprising research. As our member pointed out, many riders are adventurous and love mountain biking, trail riding and challenges that can involve

Lagging Behind the Pack – Correction

We were wrong and we owe Western Australia an apology! Bicycle NSW compared the state government budgets for ‘active transport’, and divided by the 2019 population to find out our ranking. This was a complex exercise and some of the funds we thought were to have been allocated over 4 years in Western Australia, actually

Safety Through Technology

A fully loaded waste disposal truck reversing down your street at just 5km/h has the same momentum as a Toyota Camry traveling at 67km/h – this is why SUEZ, the resource management company, has implemented advanced safety features on their trucks. Traveling through high density areas with many vulnerable road users, the collection trucks used

Drivers Are Key

Safety in and around heavy vehicles starts from the ground up and relies on drivers to maintain a high level of knowledge and awareness. As recently discussed, SUEZ has a high safety priority within their company and implement additional technology for their trucks – but in the end, drivers are the key to it all

A Careful Visitor

Most streets in NSW get at least one heavy vehicle visiting to collect waste and recycling each week. As part of our heavy vehicle campaign, we wanted to understand and explain some of the issues faced by heavy vehicle drivers.  To do this we visited the SUEZ team at the Eastern Creek Waste Management Centre

Safe Navigation App For All Wheels

Bicycle NSW has applied for funding to develop a navigation app to enable people to plan safe journeys by bike.  We realise this will also help people who use wheelchairs to plan their journeys. Most mapping applications are designed for cars and not the needs of people looking for safe routes to travel by bike

Help Us Develop Safe Riding Navigation

Bicycle NSW needs your help to secure funding to develop a navigation app to enable people to plan safe journeys by bike.  Most mapping applications are designed for cars and does not cater for the needs of people looking for safe routes to travel by bike.  This can result in riders being directed onto busy

10 Things For Your Bicycle First Aid Kit

Bike riding can be a fun and exciting activity, but sometimes accidents happen. Are you prepared and carry a first aid kit to help you or someone else when on your ride? If you do not have first aid qualifications, we recommend doing a course like this one with St John’s to prepare you for

Bike Riding and Type 1 Diabetes

For National Diabetes Awareness Week we’re taking a look at how to balance bike riding and type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body mistakenly destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.  Insulin is a hormone is necessary to turn glucose into energy. Ten percent of people with diabetes have type

Newcastle Light Rail Crossing Fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of the rider who died following a crash that occurred during an attempt to cross light rail tracks in Newcastle. A 51-year old man was riding his bike and tried to cross the light rail tracks at the intersection of Pacific and Scott