NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – Driver Education, Training and Road Safety

Watch for cyclists sign

In February, Bicycle NSW along with 75 other bodies, made a submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry in to Driver Education, Training and Road Safety. You can read our submission on the NSW Parliament Inquiry website.

Our main recommendations were:

  • To include approved bicycle safety courses in the total training hours for Learners that count towards their logbook.
  • Driver Education be included as a compulsory part of the Year 10 PDHPE curriculum in NSW High Schools
  • Include a Vulnerable Road Users component in the Learner rules testing and practical examination
  • For NSW Drivers to undergo a computer based Rules test every 5 years which must include a Vulnerable Road Users component
  • A high priority be given to ongoing driver education through effective media campaigns
  • Transport infrastructure projects to include a component for the Positive Provision of Active Transport Infrastructure
  • The bicycle infrastructure component of the total transport infrastructure budget be raised to 5%

On May 22nd, we appeared alongside the Amy Gillett Foundation and the Australian Cycle Alliance, to present further to the inquiry on our recommendations and need for greater education across all road users.

The topic has garnered significant media interest resulting in news articles and radio interviews.

We spoke to 2HD Newcastle ahead of the hearing and discussed the proposal and the work our local affiliated BUG, Newcastle Cycleways Movement have been doing in pushing for the CycleSafe Network.

We will continue to update our members and stakeholders as the outcomes from the Inquiry are made available.

A woman on a funky bicycle

Give your input to the new Road Safety Plan 2021

A new road safety plan for NSW is being developed this year to ensure effective actions are in place to meet the Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 targets for reducing deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads.

The Road Safety Plan 2021 will also position NSW to achieve the longer term target of a zero road toll to support the Future Transport strategy which is being developed this year to establish a 40-year vision for transport in NSW to meet the long-term needs of transport customers.

Safety is a shared responsibility and so input from communities and stakeholders across NSW is critical for developing effective measures to reduce road trauma. We strongly encourage members and friends of Bicycle NSW to participate in the engagement program during May to ensure bike riders and their concerns are well represented.

Development of the Road Safety Plan 2021 will draw on:

  • An examination of crash information to understand the factors involved in the crashes in NSW
  • Evidence from Australia and worldwide about what has been proven to be effective in saving lives and reducing serious injuries
  • Feedback from stakeholders and the NSW community through a statewide consultation program.

During May, bike riders can provide input to the Road Safety Plan 2021 by:

  1. Attending a two-hour forum – these will be held in:
    Wagga Wagga – 10 May
    Dubbo – 15 May
    Wollongong – 17 May
    Parramatta – 18 May
    Sydney CBD – 23 May
    Newcastle – 24 May
    Scone – 29 May
    Coffs Harbour – 31 May
  2. Taking part in an open online discussion forum or web-based survey.

For details, please visit the Centre for Road Safety website or email


#BikeToWork Day Competition – Making #CommutesCount

Bicycle NSW is once again supporting Strava’s Global Bike To Work Day this Thursday 11th May, 2017. By encouraging our members and social media fans to participate, we can envisage a real impact on the future of cycling in Australia.

To support the initiative, Bicycle NSW are offering two prize packs for participants who share photos of their commute on social media. Simply share a photo of the favourite part of your commute, follow and tag @BicycleNSW and use the hastag #CommutesCount to be in the running to win. The photo with the most likes and the most creative photo, as judged by the Bicycle NSW team, will both win a Bicycle NSW prize pack each.

Strava is a free app that can be downloaded and used while riding to track your route, distance and speed. Strava’s “Metro” data set helps identify current commuting routes and feeds that information to town and city planners, making decision making for bicycle infrastructure easier and clearer thanks to demonstration of demand. We encourage bike riders across NSW to take part in Strava’s CHallenge as well as sharing their commutes with us on social media.

The more data identified on Strava as a commute, the more well informed decisions can be made by designers when considering an integrated bicycle network across local government boundaries, and right across the State. As a key part of our advocacy, we want to see strong decisions on cycling infrastructure made on information and evidence.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to participate in the competition and share your photos. Make sure your posts are public so we can see them!



  1. The promoter:

Bicycle NSW
Bicentennial Drive
Bicentennial Park
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Email us:

  1. Who can enter:

People aged 18 years and over.

Exclusions: Employees and contractors at Bicycle NSW

  1. How do people enter
  • Follow @bicyclensw on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • Post an image of your bike commute and tag it #bicyclensw and #commutescount between anytime between Tuesday 9th May and 1pm Friday 12th May  
  1. How is the winner chosen?

The winner will be judged by staff at Bicycle NSW who will be judging based on creativity and the number of likes (on Facebook and Instagram)  or retweets/likes  (on Twitter)   the post receives.

  1. When will the winner be announced publicly?

The winner’s name will be announced on the Bicycle NSW Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Friday 12th May 2017

  1. When and how will the winners be informed?

The winner will be informed by direct message on the social channel they have entered their post on and has until 22nd May to respond

  1. What is the prize?

The prize is: A Bicycle NSW pack containing drink bottle, tshirt, stickers and promotional items

  1. When will the prize be delivered.

The prize pack will be available to be picked up by arrangement at the offices of Bicycle NSW, Bicentennial Park, Homebush or posted to you upon arrangement with the winner, by the end of May 2017

  1. Special mention

The promotion isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


Our meeting with Minister Pavey

indiAt the end of March, Bicycle NSW had the wonderful opportunity for our CEO, President and a Board Member to introduce Bicycle NSW to the new Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, The Hon. Melinda Pavey. This meeting was a follow up to the meetings Bicycle NSW had with the Minister’s predecessor to discuss and negotiate the legislation and implementation of the Minimum Passing Distance legislation, the funding commitment for the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway upgrades and extension, and the data we shared to demonstrate the lack of need for mandatory ID laws for bike riders.

This meeting allowed the Bicycle NSW CEO and President to highlight our key advocacy issues moving forward and opportunities to create a better environment for cycling and demonstrate our focus on NSW and the members we represent across the State.

The Minister is thrilled with the work Bicycle NSW does and is looking forward to forging an even stronger relationship with Bicycle NSW in working towards our goals. The good news is the next meetings to follow up on these discussions are already scheduled.

Join Bicycle NSW now to add your voice to ours as we work to create a better environment for cycling. Take advantage of our Autumn Membership special today.

Join Bicycle NSW


A Story of Change in Pictures and Videos

Sometimes changes to lifestyle seems like a huge project, lots of work, or just insurmountable challenges strung together. However, change does not have to be overwhelming, or onerous. Sometimes change is as simple as one person helping another to grow and find solutions.

One of our Gear Up Girl Ambassador’s, Sarah Imm of Velo-A-Porter, has been using our world record attempt event as the perfect impetus to get some of her colleagues out and riding eBikes for their first foray in to riding for leisure and transport.

Take a look at her efforts below. You can follow her on instagram or facebook for more on her and her friends journey.

Interested in trying @gearupgirl this year but not sure about wearing Lycra? There's no reason to as I'll be leading a group of ladies on #ebikes "Style with Vélo-à-Porter" Bicycle with great weekend style on a free-for-hire ebike from @glowwormbicycles or ride your own on Sunday 12 March! We'll also be celebrating International Women's Day. Help us set a world's record for the largest women's community bike ride! Use the code: GUGSTYLE17 for a 10% discount on admission to "Style with Vélo-à-Porter" I'll be looking forward to seeing you there on Sunday 12 March at 7:45am! . . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #fashion #dress #sandals #style #stylish #woman #street #attitude #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #perth #??? #??? #fit #mum #health #healthy #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylife #summer

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

#Repost @gearupgirl ??? Ladies, have you wanted to try an e-bike? Interested in joining team "Style with Velo-a-Porter" on Sunday 12 March at Gear Up Girl? Registration open until Friday 10 March 2017! Or register on the day with your ebike. Come and join me and our team of seven women who will be dressed in casual weekend style. We will be riding 40km on e-bikes to show that there are different forms of riding in Sydney. Contact @glowwormbicycle as there are still a few free-for-hire Ebikes available. . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #fashion #dress #style #stylish #woman #street #attitude #sydney #surryhills #darlinghurst #redfern #mum #health #healthy #fitness #autumn #easternsuburbs #northsydney #paddington #innerwest #fit

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

Drizzly, wet and dark day to go for an #ebike training ride. But Lucy and I were successful today in preparing her for @gearupgirl and to start commuting to work. She came over and we discussed her concerns about riding on the road, how to ride an ebike and the configuration of the @ezeebike Sprint from @omafiets She tried the Sprint in the garage and found everything different to what she was used to. Weight, Centre of gravity, turning. We moved onto Prince Alfred Park and then quickly progressed to Potts Point and then rode all the way to her home in Bondi! Such fantastic progress in just a few hours! . . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #style #woman #street #attitude #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #perth #??? #??? #fit #health #healthy #fitness #rain #autumn

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

Lucy had never tried an #ebike before and despite having a fantastic road bike, was never really comfortable riding it on her own. When I asked her if she might like to join in on @gearupgirl on team "Style With Velo-a-Porter" she was keen. With a free-for-hire @ezeebike Sprint from @omafiets , we started out in the garage of my building. She remarked on the differences between it and her road bike. We progressed to Prince Alfred Park and then in no time, we were on her way to her office in Potts Point and then to home in Bondi. I took her the quiet way via Bourke Street Cycleway, Centennial and Queens Park to avoid traffic. She remarked that she found it much easier than she had expected. . . . . . #weekend #sunday #woman #women #fit #healthy #life #living #bike #bikelife #bikes #commute #alternative #??? #health #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylife #urban #traffic #sydney #perth #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #???

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

En route to Mascot Train Station with Caroline who admitted to not exercising for the past six months because of too many other commitments. You know, the usual. Work, kids, the house, tired. Today, we picked up a @ezeebike Sprint for her from @omafiets to help her prepare for the 40km @gearupgirl ride this weekend. I discovered that she doesn't have a fear of falling which is a remnant of her childhood bombing down hills on second-hand bikes. This is tied to an inability to use her brakes which I quickly rectified. Mostly though, I reminded her to look where she wants to go and the bike will follow. She was initially quite nervous about bicycling to the train station. But I told her that we were halfway there on the cycleways and asked "Do you want to continue?" The emphatic reply was, "Yes!" I picked up another Sprint from @glowwormbicycle today to train Deb from @sydneychicblog tomorrow morning! . . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #style #stylish #woman #attitude #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #perth #??? #??? #fit #mum #health #healthy #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylife #mom #autumn

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

One of the things that I've been working on with team "Style with Velo-a-Porter" this week in preparation for @gearupgirl is effective braking. One of the exercises is running along side the #ebike and squeezing the brakes as hard as possible. It's an exercise in confidence to be able to rely on the hydraulic disc brakes which are built into the wheel. My suggestion is to use both brakes evenly with gradual pressure. Just before stopping, put your foot down. I am demonstrating a more advanced technique for braking. It includes higher seat height to maximize leverage for pedaling and then stepping down when the bike has stopped. The principles are the same. So, no foot dragging or using the feet or other objects like a post or another object to help" stop" the bicycle. If you would like to join team "Style With Velo-a-Porter" there are two free-for-hire @EZee Sprints available @glowwormbicycle You can still register online on or on the day! See you soon! . . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #fashion #dress #heels #style #stylish #woman #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #perth #??? #??? #fit #mum #health #healthy #fitness #healthylife #autumn

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on

I find it easy to recognise when someone has ridden a bike as a child. Deb from @sydneychicblog has natural balance and an innate understanding of the bicycle the moment she started pedaling. We're preparing for @gearupgirl this Sunday. There's still time to register online on Deb's fear and concern of being on the road are understandable. But after a few turns around Prince Alfred Park, we cycled from Surry Hills to Darlinghurst by #ebike on loan from @glowwormbicycle With some practice on cycleways and quiet roads, Deb began to feel much more confident! So much so that we're planning to ride to an event together later this week. Thanks for the video @chickenlv ! . . . . #bike #bikes #bikelife #cycling #urban #dress #style #stylish #woman #street #attitude #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #adelaide #perth #??? #??? #fit #mum #health #healthy #fitness #healthylife #autumn @leonaedmiston

A post shared by Velo-a-Porter (@veloaporter) on


Sydney Cycling Sisters Gear Up for their next challenge!

Bike riders at the Gear Up Girl start line. On Sunday 12 March hundreds of women and girls will be rolling their way down to Cronulla Beach along some of Sydney’s most scenic, separated cycle paths for the annual Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl.

Bicycle NSW Event and Sponsorship Director, Jane Robertson said Sydney’s iconic women’s bike ride has three rides, a 20km, 40km and 60km, to cater for all women and girls. “You don’t need a fancy bike and Lycra to ride Gear Up Girl – it is not a race!

“This year the event will be aiming to set the record for the world’s largest community women’s bike ride. It is a fantastic day out for all women and girls to have fun and celebrate being women,” Ms Robertson said.

Cycling Sisters Represent!

One of the largest groups participating in this year’s event will be the Sydney Cycling Sisters.  The group is dedicated to providing an environment for women get together for regular rides around Sydney in a safe and supportive environment. Ms Cindy Rahal, group founder said the group is made up of a good mix of people.

“Last week we had an older lady come along with us which got me thinking about setting up a group for seniors. We have a lot of mums who regularly attend because they like going out early and getting their exercise before their kids are awake. We also get a smaller group of uni students and a few kids who come along with their mums. For example, my daughter participates.

“We don’t let public perception be a barrier for us to enjoy leisure activities.  There is a demand amongst women in our community which has seen us expand into Melbourne and one of our members has started Swim Sisters for Muslim women who enjoy swimming in their burkinis,” Ms Rahal said.


Ms Rahal started the group in April 2015, after a career change took her back to university to study her Masters in Occupational Therapy. “I grew up in a house full of brothers and cousins. I always loved to ride growing up.” Ms Rahal said.

During her studies, Ms Rahal was examining different leisure activities and the barriers in place that prevent people from participating in certain activities.

Ms Rahal said the group were looking forward to riding their second Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl this year. “Last year, we found that riding with just other women was much more relaxed. At the end, it was so serene compared to all that testosterone, because it’s not all about being the fastest or climbing the steepest hill,” she explained.

An event with Heart!

Gear Up Girl riders with a costumed heart character.Heart Foundation NSW Chief Executive, Ms Kerry Doyle said the Heart Foundation was pleased to support Gear Up Girl again this year to encourage women and girls to get on their bikes in a safe, social and non-competitive environment.

“Helmet hair, getting sweaty and a fear of getting your dress caught in a bicycle chain are all reasonable concerns – but the health benefits to being physically active far outweigh the negatives.

“We want to see more women choosing bike riding as a fun and easy way to get more physical activity into their day,” Ms Doyle said.

To register your team for the Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl ride, go to

If you want to connect with the Sydney Cycling Sisters, you can find them on Facebook.

Bike riders sitting in the sun with their bikes

A Response to Deputy Mayor, Cr Phelps

Bike riders enjoying the sun
Late yesterday, we were disappointed to see esteemed medical practitioner and recently elected Councillor and Deputy Mayor at the City of Sydney, Dr Kerryn Phelps, make comments in the media regarding a scheme to “require all cyclists to sit a compulsory test, carry a licence and have insurance.”


While a Bicycle NSW membership offers the best available personal accident and third party public liability insurance for bike riders and encourages everyone who rides to join, we cannot believe the discussion of mandatory ID and licencing continues to arise, in spite of our work with the NSW Government in 2016 to demonstrate the idea did not have merit.


Bicycle NSW continues to advocate for a better environment for bike riders and works towards the goal of increasing the number of people riding bikes of all ages, skill levels and life circumstances across NSW and Australia. By increasing bike riding participation, the issues of traffic congestion, mental health and obesity within our society can begin to be tackled more effectively.


Introducing tests, licensing and registration for bicycles is unnecessary, impractical and obstructs people from choosing a bike for their mode of transport. How would any government test and licence a child, for example? Bicycle NSW recently demonstrated, to the former NSW State Minister for Roads and Maritime Services Duncan Gay, through a survey of almost 4,000 riders that compulsory identification for bike riders was not necessary, nor improved the safety for cyclists on the roads and therefore should not be implemented. The then Minister agreed and rolled back the proposed legislation, instead opting to recommend that bike riders carry some form of ID and emergency contact information.


Bike riders on a pathPerhaps Dr Phelps has not read our 2016 Bike Riders Survey results which demonstrated that 92% of respondents hold a Full Drivers Licence, 86% own a registered vehicle and 93% carry some form of ID when out riding a bike. These results would suggest the Dr Phelps’ assertion that “People don’t know what the rules are a lot of the time because they don’t have to pass any test to get on a bike…” are not founded in fact but instead based on opinion which has not had the benefit of broader exposure to the bike riding community. The City of Sydney’s own bike riding training delivered at Sydney Park is an excellent example of Government delivered capacity building and education programs for bike riders who want to improve their bike riding knowledge and skills and better share the road with other road users.


Instead, Bicycle NSW advocates for better education for all road users, through robust campaigns and engagement programs where bike riders are made aware of how the road rules effect them, but also for drivers and pedestrians to better understand their responsibilities when sharing the roads and paths with cyclists. Bicycle NSW applauds the great work and strong leadership demonstrated by Clover Moore and the City of Sydney and regularly recommends their SydneyCycleways Resources to it’s members and supporters as well as supporting key infrastructure developments and behavioural change projects like the Sydney Rides Challenge.


We invite Dr Phelps to reconsider her proposed scheme and instead look to how the Local and State Governments can better work together to deliver integrated biking networks and routes across the broader city and a matched, thorough education campaign to ensure all road users understand their rights and responsibilities and to finally put this “war between drivers and cyclists” to rest. We look forward to hearing from Dr Phelps to further discuss the work we do and the greater benefit bike riding offers to the community.


For further commentary on the previous proposals and how they would affect bike riding and the wider community, the following news articles discuss the issues:
Photos ID and Fines Campaign – Bicycle NSW Advocacy Campaign
18 reasons why registering bicycles is a bad idea – by Michael O’Reilly, Executive Style
Fewer People are cycling in Sydney – by Steven Herrick, The Guardian


To help us protect more bike riders and create a better environment for cycling through advocacy and community building, please join any Bicycle NSW membership today. 
Join now. Bicycle NSW representing our members for 40 years.
Registration open. Ride #gearupgirl on Sunday 12th March 2017

Set the Record and help get more women riding!

Women riding bikes in the sun
A woman on a bike on a bicycle path
Gear Up Girl riders at the finish line

Our 2016 Bike Riders Survey demonstrated the gender divide is alive and well on two wheels. With a significant lack of coverage of Women’s Cycling in the media, it’s no surprise to see that less than 1 in 3 bike riders are female.

Bicycle NSW knows that 60% of the population would like to ride more but face numerous barriers to actually getting out on two wheels. Research shows that for women, these barriers can include:

  • not having anyone to ride with
  • not feeling safe on the road
  • not feeling fit or experienced enough to ride distances
  • not wanting to join a club or wear lycra

So over the last 9 years Bicycle NSW has been building our Gear Up Girl, ladies bike riding event, with the aim and purpose of encouraging and supporting more women to choose bike riding. Since its inception, Gear Up Girl has grown in size to now include 3 distances making riding achievable for all levels of bike riding skill and experience. Gear Up Girl has even spread to South Australia with BikeSA, our sister organisation, running their event for 7 years. This year Bicycle NSW is proud to expand the Gear Up Girl event even further and welcomes a new satellite event on the Central Coast.

Our women’s bike riding initiative is all about giving women the opportunity to experience the fun of riding and the strong sense of community and support they can receive from each other while, reaping the benefits of a bike.

Gear Up Girl Riders
Enjoying a coffee
Gear Up Girl riders with a heart costume character

How does Gear Up Girl break down the barriers to cycling for women?

Ride with friends!

Gear Up Girl is a fun and social ride, not a race. We’re encouraging every riding lady to bring a friend and introduce them to the joys of riding. Gear Up Girls can set up their own team and get the girls from work, the gym, mothers group, your neighbourhood, or any of your friends together to ride, chat, experience the beautiful bayside ride and festival finish!

Everyone who participates gets a limited edition Gear Up Girl medal to mark their achievement and we are hoping to set the world record - not bad for a Sunday ride! And remember - Kids Ride Free!

No Traffic on the 20km Route

Our Ride routes are up to 95% off road, utilising the great bicycle paths, shared paths and bike routes through the Inner West, St George and Sutherland areas. Our 20km Beach Ride has no riding in traffic! Feel safe riding with friends and like minded ladies - be loud and proud riding together.

Experienced riders can stretch their legs and support a friend! We encourage all those experienced riding ladies to bring a girlfriend and ride with them for the 40km or 60km rides - help show them how easy it can be and maybe they’ll come riding with you more often!

Plus, we have a range of Workshops
 where women can learn basic bike maintenance  and we have opportunities to brush up on basic riding skills to develop confidence before the big day!

Get Ride Ready - the easy way

We’ve developed a 6 week training guide for each distance, for anyone wanting to take part in Gear Up Girl. Even if you only train a little bit beforehand, all 3 rides are predominantly flat and achievable for those trying out riding distances for the first time in a while.

We provide rest breaks along the way and knowing there’s no race pressure means you’ll enjoy the ride much more!

Ride your way

Bicycle NSW has a network of Bicycle User Groups (BUG) who lead social and recreational riding groups on rides for all levels of experience across the State every week. We invite all bike riders to visit their local BUG and find some friendly locals to ride with. This year, Central Coast BUG are delivering their own Gear up Girl event for those who can't make it to the Sydney event.

Gear Up Girl is a social ride with no pressure to perform. We have seen every fashion statement from wings and tutus to dresses, casual wear, active wear and cycling kits - like the Australian made Gear Up Girl Jersey! Perhaps you and your team of girlfriends would like to set your own dress code for your Gear Up Girl ride?!

Register Now!

Set the Record!

Look after your heart health and ride in Gear up Girl March 12

Gear Up Girl Participants are also encouraged to raise vital funds for The Heart Foundation!

Did you know...

  • Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australian women. Three times as many women die of heart disease than they do of breast cancer.
  • Bike riding is not only good for your heart health. It can be a transport option as well as being a fun recreational activity enjoyed on your own or with family and friends.
  • Studies show that people who ride daily live significantly longer than those who don’t. In fact, some research shows that the simple act of riding to work can lower the risk of early death by 40%.
  • Increasing physical inactivity has impacted on the average weight of Australian women which has increased from 67kg in 1995 to 74.1kg in 2012. Cycling is one way of improving our daily exercise.
  • 90% of Australian women have one risk factor for heart disease and 50% have two or three. Being more physically active is one way to reduce your risk.
  • Among young adult women obesity rates have increased from 4% to 17% since 1989.
  • Only 57% of young adult women are sufficiently active for good health achieving more than 150 minutes of activity in the last week.


Still not sure?

Read about everyday women taking on Gear Up Girl, sharing with us their stories for #WhyIRide.

So join us and help make history - let’s get more women riding with us this Gear Up Girl, set the record and create a better environment for cycling, together!

A large Bicycle map

Media Statement Re: Clr Simon Menzies’ call to ban cyclists on Military and Spit Roads

A map of Bicycle routesRecently, Bicycle NSW was approached by the Mosman Daily to give a statement in response to Clr Simon Menzies’ call to Mosman Council to ban cyclists from Military Road and Spit Road corridor during peak hour for reasons of cyclist safety and improved traffic flow. We were advised that “He believes this is reasonable because an alternate purpose-built cycle route is available to use and he said it’s currently under-utilised” which we understand to refer to the Beauty Point Route.


Cook Cove Precinct DA call for submissions

Affiliated Bicycle User Group, BIKEast, have made a submission regarding the Cook Cove Precinct DA, and Bicycle NSW will look to make a submission as well. All Bicycle NSW members and supporters are encouraged to review and make a submission should they see fit. BIKEast points out  the proposal is of state, not just regional, significance for the cycleway through the Cook Cove area of Arncliffe.

Cook Cove Inlet Pty Ltd on behalf of Kogarah Golf Club has submitted a Development Application (DA) to Bayside Council for site remediation, environmental improvements, public domain enhancements and a new golf course known as the Southern Precinct.

As part of the proposal, Cook Cove Inlet will deliver 1.4km of new and improved shared pedestrian / cycle pathways along the Cooks River, completing a missing regional cycling link. The project will also provide a new pedestrian bridge across Muddy Creek connecting Arncliffe with Kyeemagh.

Cook Cove Inlet are also in the process of developing a Masterplan for the Northern Precinct of Cook Cove, which includes plans to connect new north south cycling links with the Southern Precinct. When complete, the Cook Cove project will create a continuous pedestrian and cycle network along Cooks River foreshore, providing regional access to the Sydney CBD, Taren Point, Homebush Bay and to the future Inner-West Greenway.

If Bicycle NSW members would like to view the plans they can visit Bayside Council’s website. Members can also make a submission in support of the proposed designs by writing directly to Bayside Council – the public exhibition period has been extended and now closes on Friday 10th February 2017. To make a submission use the details below:

Bayside Council

Submission on DA-2017/179 – Cook Cove Southern Precinct

Attention: Marta M Gonzalez-Valdes, Coordinator Major Assessment Team
By mail: PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216


For more information about the Cook Cove project, please visit the website or email