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COVID-Safe Online Learning For BUGs

As part of returning to sport and staying COVID-safe, Bicycle NSW has developed a resource for ride leaders, BUGs and members. Across Australia sports organisations are being asked to:       develop COVID-19 safety plans,       help participants practice good hygiene and stay safe,       prepare a response if a

SafeWork For Bike Riders

Our roads are workplaces for a range of people and now you can help make them safer for bike riders. Have you ever: tried to cycle past or through a construction site, only to be met with a dangerous hole or obstacle?  seen a worker on a bike forced onto a 3 lane motorway with

You Can Ride In Groups Up To 20 From Tomorrow

From tomorrow (June 13), groups of 20 will be allowed for non-contact training activities in NSW under the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.  Riding in groups of 10 has been allowed since May 15, but this further increase will be exciting information for many of our Bicycle User Groups. It is essential people still maintain 1.5m

Supporting NSW By Bike

Over the long weekend, it was as if a mass evacuation order had been given for Sydney. Excitingly, many of these people fleeing the confines of Sydney were heading out to see what NSW had to offer for bike riders.  Our #RideTheBush campaign encouraged riders to support regional NSW through drought, then bushfires. Now, we

A Tender To Make Light Rail Safer For Bike Riders

Bicycle NSW worked hard to seek an engineered solution and advocate for safer light rail for bike riders. Transport for NSW Calling For A Tender We are pleased to share the Transport for NSW tender advertisement calling for submissions from people who design and manufacture solutions.  With light rail in Newcastle, Sydney and soon to

Barriers To Women Bike Riding

Across Australia, our cities aren’t coping with the level of traffic congestion and pressure on public transport.  Greater Sydney has 5 million residents but only 1% cycle to work, opening up a travel opportunity. A recent report by the City of Sydney and C40 Cities looked at how women moved around Sydney, to help them

A Return To Community Sport

Community sport is set to return on 1 July in NSW. Riding outdoors, in groups of up to 10 with physical distancing in place has been allowed since 15 May.  With this now easing of restrictions, most normal community sport can resume, but physical distancing and hand hygiene are still essential.   It is not clear

Mapping Change For Riders

Bicycle NSW and councils worked hard to map a network of connected bike infrastructure for Transport for NSW to deliver in Sydney, and it’s time you saw them. Whilst draft plans were completed by November 2019, they had been kept secret.  We were concerned they would end up gathering dust like the 2013 Sydney’s Cycling

Springwood Rider Fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of a 45-year-old man who died in Westmead Hospital after being hit by a utility whilst riding his bike in the Blue Mountains. Emergency Services were called to the Great Western Highway near Macquarie Road, Springwood at 2.30pm on Saturday 6th June 2020.

Caution On The Roads This Long Weekend

As the first weekend NSW residents are able to travel since COVID-19 restrictions started and the long weekend, Bicycle NSW is urging caution on the roads. Some Tips For Drivers With a high number of people expecting to be traveling we encourage you to plan for extra driving time in case of congestion. We recommend